Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Pachi Rosés
Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Pachi Rosés

In this year of novelties that is about to begin, the television broadcast of the races will also be new. This time it will be carried out by Mediaset instead of TVE. Since we heard the news we have tried to inform you about the news that was taking place and now with the team of professionals in charge of the broadcast of the 2012 Championship just officially presented, we are preparing to publish a series of interviews that we have carried out with each of them.

Pachi Rosés, Mela Chlesia, Keko Ochoa, Lara Álvarez, Marco Rocha, Denis Noyes we all have to thank you for the time you have dedicated to answering our questions and not only them, but also Eloy Calleja and Cristina Ocaña from the Mediaset España cabinet, who have made it possible for us to get to know a little better these professionals with whom we will share more than one weekend of races. But without further ado we go with Pachi Rosés the editor-in-chief in charge of coordinating the entire team, which we will not see much coming out on the screen, but who will have the responsibility of ensuring that the broadcast comes to fruition.

Mediaset team with pilots

Motorpasión Moto Where does Pachi Rosés come from?

Pachi Rosés: I entered T5 in 1991. I worked in the Press Office and, since 1994, I have been in News. I have always been attached to the International section, where I have been deputy chief of the area. I have covered conflicts such as Afghanistan, Iraq or the Middle East. Also events such as the arrest of Pinochet in London, the fall of Fujimori in Peru, the Islamist attacks in Casablanca, the brutal earthquake in Kashmir. I have also made a couple of documentaries and more specialized works: a documentary on Pinochet, another on the takeover of Gaza by Hamas, a summary of the Kosovo War and another documentary on the solidarity aid caravan to the Moroccan High Atlas organized by Rutas solidarity. Finally, I formatted it and directed La 7 Noticias.

MPM: When was the last time you rode a motorcycle and which one?

P.R.: Today. On a motorcycle I go daily, and when I say daily it is every-day. My current bike is a venerable GS1100R camelid from the year 94, aka the Dromedaria, adorned with a few tens of thousands of kilometers. She's rough, she kicks, spits and suffers from a loud aerophagia, but I love her… She's so fun in curves… and she eats shamelessness.

It is very difficult to can, only love achieves it … And not always;-)

MPM: Which drivers do you see as favorites in the three categories for 2012?

P.R.: Viñales, Márquez and Stoner (I answer with rationality, if I did it with "Motorpasión" …)

MPM: What was your last GP that you attended and what do you remember about it?

P.R.: Valencia 2011. I do not forget the fall of Bradl, nor the faces of Bautista and Elías in the post GP. Two exquisite artists waiting for Godot.

MPM: What is the first thing you think of when you have CEO Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta, in front of you?

P.R.: Chapó, absolute respect. He is managing to make a total show of motorcycles. I support 100% your plans for the future.

MPM: After all the reports previously seen on RTVE. How will you try to innovate and surprise your audience?

P.R.: The first thing: I have grown up and have grown up watching broadcasts on TVE. Our public has done very well. Valentine, Ernest … Thank you from the heart

We will do motorcycle sports journalism. For bikers and non-bikers. This is racing, the most dynamic engine show there is.

The differences we will offer? Marco Rocha, Lara Álvarez, Keco Ochoa, Mela Ch Wednes, Dennis Noyes… Of the good, the best; of the best, the superior.

Mediaset team for the 2012 season

MPM: What role will advertising play in broadcasting?

P.R.: The main one: without her, this season we would not have a World Cup in Spain. There will be publi during the races, of course, as TVE did until the law prohibited it. But don't worry, there will be, more than a small screen, a screenshot.

MPM: What sessions will be broadcast live? Will it be possible to follow them online?

P.R.: All live. From the two sessions on Friday and the free practice sessions on Saturday, which will take place in Energy, until the qualifying session, which will take place on T5 and in HD. On Sunday we will be with you from before the MotoGP Warm Up until the end of the day, around 15:15. Almost six hours of live.

Those who have problems tuning in will be able to see them live on the Telecinco website. By the way, this page is advancing by leaps and bounds day after day. Do you want statistics, all statistics? Well put it in favorites, it will be your reference.

MPM: To what extent will the broadcasting of the rest of the network's content be independent?

P.R.: The MotoGP broadcast, as I said before, will be a pure exercise in journalism and sports entertainment.

MPM: What would you say to all those who, without having started the broadcasts, already look at you with suspicion and assume that the quality of your work is not going to be up to par?

P.R.: Nothing. Against pre-judgments I can do nothing

MPM: Will the CEV broadcasts be carried out by the same team?

Pachi Rosés: Keco Ochoa will do them, with another commentator who is yet to be decided.

Upgrade: This morning we are told that Sergio Romero will be the other commentator in charge of broadcasting the CEV together with Keco Ochoa.

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