Meravigliosa Creatura or Ducati 749 café-racer
Meravigliosa Creatura or Ducati 749 café-racer

This creation that has recently been seen at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, (Italy). It is based on a Ducati 749 in a risky style exercise that combine two completely different worlds but not incompatible. At least a priori certain angular lines of modern sports shoes with a café-racer aesthetic, with a rounder and cleaner character, cannot get along, but in practice, the final result seems not to agree with this statement and it remains visible, reviewing the photographs carefully.

As we say, it is risky. Modern sports shoes have the handicap of wearing a fairing that, when uncovered, exposes all "plumbing". Something that can please those who recreate the view even with the most insignificant screw, nut or hose, among them, I include myself. In these pages we have had some precedent such as a Ducati 1098 prepared by Mr. Martini, although on that occasion a kind of medium fairing was maintained that was also presented as a sign of identity of the artist.

Ducati 749 Custom

This Ducati 749 nicknamed as, Meravigliosa Creatura, is the work of the guys with the suggestive name, Southgaragecafé. This Italian preparer is located in Via Principessa Elena n ° 138 / C, 84030, Caggiano, in southern Italy more specifically. In case someone passes by and wants to make a visit, not only will this customization be found, there is another model touched by the hand of Southgaragecafé. If we look closely at the photographs, typical expensive components not observed, although of quality, type Ohlins, Brembo and other kind of delicatessen. I could already have a good assortment of this motorcycle but the result would not be very different from the current one, I do not know if I explain myself.

What I mean is that there are preparations that abuse these components to give that exclusive touch but also the view goes directly to them. If these extras are eliminated, then the motorcycle is very lackluster, with accessories and titanium having more prominence than the creation itself. This does not happen with this Meravigliosa Creatura Ducati 749 and neither with the Mr. Martini, although the latter do have black leg pieces. Here the end result is the homogeneous sum of everything together passing these pieces to which we refer, to the background. These motorcycles are never usually in a balanced state in terms of taste. Either they fascinate you or you hate them. Who is writing this article to personally ehh…. God, what a pleasure to escape!

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