Visa Black, another way to advertise
Visa Black, another way to advertise

Last week we saw how BMW was advertised in the early sixties, today we are going to see a current advertisement for another product, a credit card. And what does a credit card have to do with motorcycles? Well, according to the gentlemen of Visa, it seems that something has to do with it, or at least a motorcycle has to be linked to the image of someone with quite a few possible. Because if you live in a mansion on the edge of a cliff, and they come to pick you up in a helicopter, the best thing is to go to the airstrip with a latest generation Ducati Monster. From there, the helicopter takes you to the vicinity of a motorboat where you can continue with your life as a millionaire that does not have much to do.

And then they want to sell us that this kind of life is within the reach of mortals like you or me. When the most normal thing is that the alarm clock for most of us goes off when it is still night, you go to work a good handful of hours, whatever the day it is on the street, and when you go to take your motorcycle (whatever sea) you have to refill the deposit with a gasoline that is increasingly expensive. Of course, if you pay it with one of these credit cards you can continue living in the utopia that getting money is easy and once you get it you can spend it without it ever ending. Whoosh! You just woke up and what you see in this video is nothing more than advertising fiction, the furthest from reality that you can imagine.

I don't know whether to keep the life of this ad or the one we saw in that ad for Bretiling watches.

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