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BMW C 600 Sport, test (highway driving and passenger)
BMW C 600 Sport, test (highway driving and passenger)

The first kilometers on the highway with the BMW C 600 Sport We do them with the screen in its lowest position to see its effectiveness since despite being quite crouched, in its upper part it has double bubble shape and I wanted to dispel doubts as to whether it would drift enough wind. The conclusion was that with my size not, so I placed it in its intermediate position, very easy operation Since the two nuts are very easy to operate with gloves on and once they are loose, you just have to pull them up with a little force to move them to their new position.

Here I no longer have so much space to move and I feel a little more boxed in, although it is quite comfortable. The legs can be stretched quite a bit forward (not as much as in the BMW C 650 GT) and the seat, although it is a little firmer and soft, remains comfortable with the passage of kilometers.

BMW C 600 Sport, the highway to connect the city with your section of curves

BMW C 600 Sport

And it is that although it is comfortable and again it has a powerful enough motor so that cut to 180 km / h marker (175 km / h real), the truth is that if you are going to do many kilometers on the highway, the BMW C 600 Sport It's not the best option. It is more hooligan and as such, He asks you to give him a cane around curves, which is where you can truly enjoy it outside the city habitat.

Again the BMW presents us with a stability beyond question. It does not matter if there are curly asphalt, bathtubs or that the curvones are wide of high speed or successive curves a little more hurried. He swallows them all without question. Eventually I start to think that the cycle part is well above the engine performance and they could have gone further without problems. How many? I do not know because from a certain power, everything happens very quickly, but surely they have left room.

BMW C 600 Sport, even being sporty, does not renounce the passenger

BMW C 600 Sport

You may not be as spoiled as in the BMW C 650 GT, and even without having been able to taste it in motion by my passenger-tester, I am sure that the BMW C 600 Sport maintains very high levels of comfort in the back seat. To begin with, the engine does not vibrate at all, so although in this case the feet are supported on footpegs and not on platforms like the tourist one, there are no unwanted tickling problems.

Both handles they are generous in size although shorter than their sister. Its position is still very good, on both sides and a little behind, allowing you to catch yourself both at the ends and to one side and the other. Finally, the area of seat for the passenger it is very wide, with plenty of room to move and find a good posture.

We continue to count as optional elements with the heated grips and seat for the pilot with two positions and AUTO that is in charge of automatically managing the temperature of the motorcycle depending on the exterior, as we explained in the test of the BMW C 650 GT, in addition to also heated passenger seat also with two levels.

BMW C 600 Sport

Little by little we are reaching the end of a very intense week with these two Bmw. We only have tomorrow the last part of the test in which you can also see a video of both bikes.

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