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BMW C 600 Sport, test (city and highway driving)
BMW C 600 Sport, test (city and highway driving)

We got on the BMW C 600 Sport and the first thing we realize is that she is quite a bit smaller than her sister, the BMW C 650 GT. By size it almost looks like a 300 or 400 more than a megascooter. And that for the most tall it can be a problem since they won't be so baggy of space as in others.

The handlebar in a lower position and the seat in turn higher makes my knees, with my 1'90, get to stick on the end of the handlebars When I twist it to the extreme And that's sitting back all the way because if we go a little more forward, things still get a little worse.

Once I find a position that more or less suits me, I do a couple of maneuvers to get out of the place where I am parked, and the second surprise of the day arrives. Again when I turn the handlebar all the way I have problems but this time with the rear-view mirrors Since the handles they practically hit them and you can even catch a finger. This must be a sports genre because on Ducati you get your thumbs on the tank, and here your forefinger on the mirrors.

BMW C 600 Sport

We finally get going and observe that the BMW C 600 Sport it is more forceful than motor. Gives the impression that your engine has a much more lively response and accelerates with more bad milk. His weight in running order is about 12 kilos less, but I don't think that's where the difference lies. We will have to wait to go out on the open road to see if indeed the engine's response is different.

Again as soon as we start to roll, the kilos disappear as if by magic. Besides, the BMW C 600 Sport it is much faster to steer and much more agile in traffic when compared to the BMW C 650 GTBut wow, it still sounds just as decaf.

Be careful, I'm not one of those who like to change the exhausts, don't think about it either, but to differentiate with the sound a scooter with a 650cc engine and another with a 300cc, for example. That they sound practically the same takes away a bit of emotion. Perhaps it is our Latin character and it is sure that further to the north of Europe they prefer less noise, but BMW's forecasts are that 75% of sales will be taken by Spain, Italy and France. And it goes without saying that the first two of us are the quemadillos of Europe talking about motorcycles (with the permission of the English).

BMW C 600 Sport, having fun on the road

BMW C 600 Sport

We do not move away from urban traffic and again we go out to road. From the outset the BMW C 600 Sport it behaves like night and day if we compare it with the other. Here if there are serious differences. Less weight means less inertia and a more advanced posture in a greater confidence in the front wheel and older agility at the entrance of the curves.

I swear that I did a thousand and one dogging: trace curves completely upright, hanging down, even sticking out the leg in large forks in the purest supermoto style, letting the bike lean as much as possible looking for it to rub against something on the ground. Nothing, there was no way. And in all cases stability was superb. Not once did the chassis show any signs of weakness or the suspensions said Flanagan loosens up that you're not going in a sports car.

Where I did not notice any differences was in the brakes. Neither in its power nor in its touch. The forward, correct, with mordant and dosable. The rear, on the other hand, is very hard to operate and with a fairly fast and abrupt ABS input.

BMW C 600 Sport

And the motor? You will ask. Did you notice differences? Well yes, and notable. When he was riding the BMW C 650 GT behind some fellow journalists who were carrying the BMW C 600 Sport, at the exit of the curves, I commented that I missed being able to lower a gear because although it opened at full speed, I could not cut the distance. I did not reveal all my information to them since from the sound of the engines, I knew that I was opening throttle even before them, but for some strange reason, the power delivery was more progressive.

Once at the controls of the BMW C 600 Sport my suspicions were confirmed and I noticed that coming out of the curve, its acceleration was superior. What's more, I detached myself from the others since now they went with the BMW C 650 GT. Once at home and calmly, reviewing the specification sheets of the two models, I could see that the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h of the BMW C 600 Sport It was 7.1 seconds while the other took four tenths more, too much difference for those 12 kilos so the engine in one and the other they surely have different injection maps.

BMW C 600 Sport

Well, it's good to do the hooligan in the mountains, it's time to go back highway. We'll see if you haven't lost too much comfort.

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