Presentation of the Ducati Desmosedici GP12 and the team in charge
Presentation of the Ducati Desmosedici GP12 and the team in charge

As promised, today at 1:00 p.m. we connected via Facebook to the worldwide broadcast of the presentation of the new Ducati Desmosedici GP12. With the participation of the main faces of the brand, from Gabriele Del Torchio to Filippo Preziosi to Valentino Rossi, we have been introduced to one of the most crucial campaigns in sports careers from both Valentino and Ducati itself. This 2012, Borgo Panigale faces a decisive year in which they have pinned their hopes and their pockets.

And there you have it, the Desmosedici that Valentino and Nicky Hayden will wear from now on. In addition, Filippo has revealed the secrets that roamed around this model, for example, its displacement. The paddock had been commenting that the displacement they would use could be lower than what the regulations allow, without reaching 1000cc. It would be done thinking about an issue that has raised many blisters, fuel consumption. However already we can confirm that they reach one thousand cubic centimeters and that the engine is a four-cylinder with a 90º V configuration making use of desmodromic desmodron distribution.

On the other hand, we get an idea of ​​the level we are talking about when we see the power and weight figures. Something that Karel Abraham's team already told us, but that continues to surprise when they become very official. We talk about more than 230hp for a 157kg dry motorcycle. With this we put ourselves at top speed figures of more than 330km / h. Will the Super Superbikes be up to the task?

Ducati has also shown two videos that we attach below: the presentation of the team and how they have developed this latest pearl.

But Ducati's results in MotoGP not only depend on the role that its two official riders play in each race, but on the work behind them by the entire team of technicians and mechanics. We also make a small gap for them so that, if we don't know them already, they don't go unnoticed from now on.

Ducati GP12, pure Italy

Ducati Corse:

  • Filippo Preziosi Ducati Corse General and Technical Director
  • Alessandro Cicognani MotoGP Project Director
  • Vittoriano Guareschi Team Manager
  • Fabiano Sterlacchini Track Technical Coordinator
  • Massimo Bartolini Track Performance Advisor
  • Francesco Rapisarda Ducati Motor Holding Communications Director
  • Federica De Zottis MotoGP Press Manager
  • Chris Jonnum MotoGP Press Officer
  • Paola Braiato Administration, Logistics & Hospitality Manager
  • Mauro Grassilli Sponsor Accounts
  • Amedeo Costa Team Coordinator
  • Davide Baraldini Warehouse and Components
  • Alfredo Dente Team Physiotherapist

Valentino Rossi team:

  • Jeremy Burgess Crew Chief
  • Matteo Flamigni Track Engineer
  • Gabriele Conti Electronics Engineer
  • Alex Briggs Mechanic
  • Bernard Ansiau Mechanic
  • Brent Stephens Mechanic
  • Gary Coleman Mechanic
  • Mark Elder Mechanic
  • Roberto Brivio Crew Coordinator

Nicky Hayden's Team:

  • Juan Martinez Crew Chief
  • Roberto Bonazzi Track Engineer
  • José Manuel Cazeaux Electronics Engineer
  • Davide Manfredi Chief Mechanic
  • Massimo Mirano Mechanic
  • Pedro Calvet Caralt Mechanic
  • Lorenzo Canestrari Mechanic
  • Luca Romano Mechanic
  • Emanuele Mazzini Crew Coordinator
Hayden's Ducati detail

We will be awaiting the development of the tests that are being carried out from today on the Andalusian circuit of Jerez. While the MotoGP guys arrive We leave you the complete gallery of the Ducati Desmosedici that it must return Valentino's smile, and vice versa.

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