Jonathan Barragán wins the second round of the Spanish MXÉlite Championship in Osuna
Jonathan Barragán wins the second round of the Spanish MXÉlite Championship in Osuna

Jonathan Barragan took the victory in the general count of the second appointment of the MXÉlite Motocross Spanish Championship which was played last week in the Sevillian town of Osuna. Alvaro Lozano he was second with the same points as Honda's although his second place in the second race only allowed him to be second as he achieved a worse result than Jonathan Barragán, who had taken the victory.

In Osuna the absence of José Antonio Butrón, who suffered a muscle tear in the abductor while training days before. Without the KTM, third place was taken by another Yamaha rider, Raul Alvarez, thanks to his regularity after two fourth places.

In the first sleeve, Jonathan Barragán and Álvaro Lozano led the way and although initially both José Luis Martínez and Joan Cros and Björn David Andersson kept up with them, it did not take long for them to distance themselves from the two leading riders. A couple of laps later, specifically in the sixth, Álvaro Lozano overtook Jonathan Barragán and rolled in the lead to the checkered flag.

In the fight for third place drivers were lost throughout the laps. Joan Cros was the first, by fall, finishing in sixth place while José Luis Martínez suffered a drop in performance due to problems in one of his arms. The Kawasaki Swede, Björn David Andersson, He took third place while Raúl Álvarez was fourth.

Already in the second sleeve, Joan Cros came out very well and stayed in the lead the first round, until he had to give in to the attacks of Jonathan Barragan. Two laps later I had to do the same in front of Alvaro Lozano to finish entering third position, behind Honda and Yamaha although it would not be enough to snatch fourth place from Raúl Álvarez, who again with his fourth place achieved third position.

The next appointment will take place on March 25 in Talvera of the Queen.

Osuna first sleeve classification: * 1. Álvaro Lozano (Yamaha), 34:32, 191 * 2. Jonathan Barragán (Honda), +00: 05, 814 * 3. Björn David Andersson (Kawasaki), +01: 29, 721 * 4. Raúl Álvarez (Yamaha), +01: 32, 136 * 5. Ander Valentín Lasheras (Yamaha), +01: 57, 619

Second round Osuna classification: * 1. Jonathan Barragán (Honda), 34:28, 563 * 2. Álvaro Lozano (Yamaha), +00: 08, 516 * 3. Joan Cros (Suzuki), +01: 05, 752 * 4. Raúl Álvarez (Yamaha), +01: 15, 225 * 5. José Luis Martínez (KTM), +01: 24, 133

MX Elite Osuna Classification: * 1. Jonathan Barragán (Honda), 47 points * 2. Álvaro Lozano (Yamaha), 47 points. * 3. Raúl Álvarez (Yamaha), 36 points. * 4. Joan Cros (Suzuki), 35 pts. * 5. Björn David Andersson (Kawasaki), 35 pts.

Provisional MX Elite general classification: * 1. Álvaro Lozano (Yamaha), 94 points * 2. Jonathan Barragán (Honda), 87 pts. * 3. Raúl Álvarez (Yamaha), 61 points. * 4. Joan Cros (Suzuki), 59 pts. * 5. Björn David Andersson (Kawasaki), 57 pts.

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