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BMW C 600 Sport, test (characteristics and curiosities)
BMW C 600 Sport, test (characteristics and curiosities)

Until yesterday we analyzed the BMW C 650 GT in depth but from today until Friday, we start with the test of its sporty sister, the BMW C 600 Sport. As I did the other day, I recommend reading Luis's article about BMW scooters so that it sounds like what we are talking about as we go deeper into its details and characteristics.

Even though the BMW C 600 Sport internally it is identical to its sister road (chassis, engine and suspensions are identical), from BMW they have been clear that the final product had to be different because the customer to whom it was addressed was also going to be completely different. And they were so convinced of having made another scooter that even the name has given a 180º turn with respect to the other. The words 600 and Sport already make their intentions clear.

But will it be as sporty as the BMW C 600 Sport?

BMW C 600 Sport, from outside

BMW C 600 Sport

The first thing that strikes us in the BMW C 600 Sport is that it is completely different. Its bodywork is much more concise and stylized, highlighting that sporty character that has been tried to print. For example, the indicators leave the mirrors and become integrated into the sides of the fairing, some sides that in this case let their lines flow upwards, instead of downwards as happened in the BMW C 650 GT.

The front optics is also new. Instead of being a complete beacon, in the BMW C 600 Sport a bifaro is chosen in which the position lights (with optional LED daytime running lights) are now located at the upper ends. Higher up, the dome is much lower, although the regulation option does not disappear. Of course, it is mechanically without the need for tools by means of two manual nuts located on the sides of the dashboard. Can be placed in three different positions and thanks to the size of the nuts, it can be handled perfectly with gloves on. Regarding the dashboard, there are no differences between the BMW C 600 Sport BMW C 650 GT since they are identical.

BMW C 600 Sport

The rear shock, located on the left side and placed in a horizontal position, it is much more visible in this model, standing out from the whole. On the other side, the exhaust takes a more vertical position than in the case of the touring model, which helps to sharpen the rear, which ends in an LED position and brake light with the separate indicators positioned at the bottom. The passenger handles They are also new, much more integrated into the seat and less high.

BMW C 600 Sport, from the inside

BMW C 600 Sport

We got on the BMW C 600 Sport and the first thing we notice difference is that the seat is located higher and a little more leaning forward. At once, the handlebar is placed in a lower position, which helps the front wheel receive more weight and allows greater agility as we will see later.

Again all the controls are very close to hand and the dashboard is located in a very legible position and even if the sun shines on it, it can still be seen perfectly. The brake levers are still adjustable in five positions and as for the controls of the cones, only the drive for the electric screen that we saw in the BMW C 650 GT.

BMW C 600 Sport, further in

BMW C 600 Sport

Back behind the shield of the BMW C 600 Sport We have two keyless glove boxes. In this case, they are slightly smaller in dimensions than in the GT. In the middle of them is the contact lock with the central locking that also allows us to access the fuel cap (in the central tunnel, in front of the seat) and the hood located under the seat itself.

Here BMW has presented one of those novelties that when you see it you wonder: how could it not have occurred to someone before? or better yet, why hasn't it occurred to me before? Its about FlexCase system and that allows you to store two full face helmets when we leave the BMW C 600 Sport parked.

BMW C 600 Sport

The system is relatively simple. It is a system equipped with a lid that, when opened, increases the volume available in the lower part. The versatility of the system was achieved using a highly resistant and flexible material based on Kevlar, which is used as an elastic and waterproof connection between the top and the bottom. When the scooter is in motion, the joint cover of the FlexCase must remain closed. Under these conditions, the system still offers enough space to transport a helmet. A safety switch prevents the motor from running while the FlexCase is extended. If the lid is open, a warning sign appears on the instrument panel. Ingenious, right?

Of course the BMW C 600 Sport It also has the automatic parking brake that is activated when we unfold the side stand and those with the optional LED lights installed, the Way-home function that leaves the lights on 30 seconds after having parked it, to allow us to leave, for example, the garage with the light of our scooter.

Again and like a few days ago, we turn the keys and press the magic button. We started.

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