The history of Aprilia Racing in video, what a success story
The history of Aprilia Racing in video, what a success story

In the history of competitive motorcycling, it becomes good that the second is only the first of the losers. In this way, the statistics of victories becomes more than important if you want your brand to be associated not only with competition, but also with success. And in this Aprilia is one of the best, because throughout its history it has led this classification of winners and by watching the video they have published we can assure that they have also had a perfect clinical eye when choosing riders for their bikes. Or at least he has known which team to sell and / or rent his bikes to to secure another title.

Ninety-nine world championships adorn Aprilia's showcases, and unless Max Biaggi is able to win the Superbike World Championship, this 2012 season it will be a bit difficult to reach a hundred titles. Although it must be conceded that they have made a small trap by counting as their own the 14 Gilera World Cups, the 15 Moto Guzzi World Cups and the 19 Derby World Cups. This does not cloud the 49 worldwide in which the winning motorcycle bore the Aprilia logo.

Transcription (more or less) of the opening speech:

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