The Honda NC700S will be available from April
The Honda NC700S will be available from April

The Honda NC700S, one of the three members of the Honda family animated by the small engine 670cc inline twin and liquid cooling along with its crossover version, the Honda NC700X and the half scooter and half motorcycle, the Honda Integra, will be available from April in the Honda dealer network.

There are several virtues of this motorcycle. For example, the possibility of keep a full face helmet inside the dummy tank of fuel, or an almost unlimited autonomy of no less than 400 kilometers thanks to its very tight consumption, on the order of 3.6 l / 100. Without forgetting that it is not necessary to limit it since its power is 35kW so it can be driven without any problems with the A2 card motorcycle.


The sale price of the Honda NC700S is below 6,000 euros, specifically in 5,549 euros the STD version and in 5,999 euros if we opt for the one equipped with the combined anti-lock braking system C-ABS. At the moment we do not know the price of the model that can optionally have the DCT double clutch transmission. If you want to know a little more about the Honda NC700S, go through the article we published when it was presented at the Milan Motor Show last year.

Finally, a curiosity. This motor two-cylinder that equip these three Honda models comes from a vehicle four-wheel drive, specifically the HOnda Jazz 1.4 i-VTEC 100 hp. Basically you just have to look at the figures for the two engines. The one of the motorcycle cubes 670cc with a diameter per stroke of 73 × 80mm. Curiously, the Honda Jazz cubes with four cylinders twice as much, that is, 1,339cc while maintaining the same internal dimensions of the engine. And even the power and torque figures are almost exactly half than those of the car and offering them at the same laps. Cool!

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