Ducati Monster Diesel, special edition that is still gasoline
Ducati Monster Diesel, special edition that is still gasoline

Although the scare is one of those that will take your breath away for a while, this Ducati Monster from Diesel only has the name. Under this name, Ducati Monster Diesel, a motorcycle has been created in full collaboration with the fashion company founded by Renzo Rosso and its design center. Let us remember that it is far from being the first or the only cooperation between two firms that supposedly allow themselves to be carried away by the same values, although on completely different grounds.

According to the brand we find a "military chic" concept, almost nothing. Or what is the same, total absence of any type of striking color, greenish and black tones and the feeling of being in front of Chuck Norris's motorcycle. We do not doubt the exclusivity of this model that is released on the market at a price of 13,795 euros. That is to say, an increase of 1,500 euros compared to the standard price of the Ducati 1100 EVO on which it is based. It should be noted that the difference from the original is merely aesthetic and in no case have they assembled better components than those brought in series production.

As we can see in the presentation video, Diesel has not only been in charge of making this limited edition Monster but has also put on sale a collection of clothing inspired by the Bologna factory. There are several things that I liked about this model, such as for example the new seat looking to be much more comfortable or the seat cowl which, for my taste, is quite good even improving the present. However, I did not like at all the invasion of the language of fashion in the motor world, one does not know whether to laugh or cry. Also, I can think of hundreds of things to do with 1,500 euros and a Ducati Monster 1100EVO. What about you? Is this Monster up to par with other limited editions from the past?

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