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BMW C 650 GT, test (highway driving and passenger)
BMW C 650 GT, test (highway driving and passenger)

Now is the time to relax after an intense session of curves at the controls of the BMW C 650 GT and for this, nothing better than to put it in its environment, that is, a highway with little traffic and of slightly sinuous layout so that we can dedicate ourselves to enjoy the view.

The first thing, to recline comfortably on the platform, stretching the legs as much as possible and letting our kidneys relax again by leaning on the soft backrest. And the following is raise the electric screen everything possible to achieve the best protection against the air while driving at the maximum speed allowed on this type of road.

BMW C 650 GT, the world is too small for us on the highway

BMW C 650 GT

I calculate that all those drivers up to 1.85 high they will be perfectly protected behind the dome. Those of us who are somewhat taller, we have to play with the optimal position so that the displaced air impacts correctly against the helmet and helps to penetrate in the best way.

There is no turbulence of any kind since the screen, as soon as it is raised, allows the air to flow under it, equalizing the pressure on both sides. Furthermore, the rear shape of the BMW C 650 GT it ensures that we do not have a slipstream at all accused behind our back, minimizing the annoying flapping of the clothes when we roll at high speed. As an option, BMW has some deflectors They are placed on the front screen and allow more or less air to be directed towards the driver's area.

Already rolling, stability again is superb. There is no pitching of any kind even if the curves are high speed and we go through the always dangerous expansion joints or bathtubs. As for power, there is plenty. You just have to see that by dropping it to 90-100 km / h in an uphill area with three lanes, we open the throttle again to the full and immediately regain speed. And all this in addition without sudden shocks in the transmission.

BMW C 650 GT

So that you can imagine the power that is capable of developing the BMW C 650 GT, its actual maximum speed is 175 km / h which translates into 180 km / h of marker, coinciding with the last figure written on the speedometer. Even the engine cuts out at this speed so if someone goes with it to circulate on the German highways, you will reach your destination faster than you thought.

Here we undoubtedly find the real place of the BMW C 650 GT, where you can really enjoy yourself at your controls. Time seems to stop and there comes a time when we forget that we travel on a scooter. Reality realizes when I enter the city again and all I have to do is focus on accelerating and braking, leaving gear changes to gear. CVT transmission, smooth and precise even though the final drive is by chain, which could make us think of harsher transmission reactions.

BMW C 650 GT, the passenger, as pampered or more than the pilot

BMW C 650 GT

This time, I could not count on the official tester of the seat of fear so I will have to tell you what I could observe in the BMW C 650 GT. The passenger space is ample, with two large handles on the sides to hold onto. Your feet rest comfortably on the platform, with plenty of room to put them down. Although it is true that if the passenger has large feet, there is a good chance that the pilot gets to hit the toe area with his calves when stopped at traffic lights.

In the version provided for testing the BMW C 650 GT, on the right side of the seat there was a switch so that the passenger could operate the heated seat at will. Like the pilot, which is operated from a button on the right hand side and the heated grips, which are also controlled from another button with the same hand. These last two have three operating modes: level 1, level 2 and AUTO.

BMW C 650 GT

The first two don't need much explanation, but the CAR yes because it is a novelty from BMW. When we activate this position, which we see perfectly indicated on the control panel to the left of the rev counter, the system automatically regulates the temperature of the grips and seat in the driver's area depending on the ambient temperature and the speed of the scooter.

The heating is activated from a + 8 ° C outdoor temperature. The degree of heat is minimal at the beginning and increases automatically as the outside temperature decreases. Heating performance in AUTO mode is maximum if the temperature drops to -15 ° C.

BMW C 650 GT

During the morning tour, the temperature was a bit low and I took the opportunity to make use of both systems, and if I was already comfortable reclining in the chair on the highway, imagine with your hands and hot ass. If I'm careless I end up taking a nap and everything.

For today I will not tell you anything else, tomorrow we will talk about the conclusions and some details that are sure to be left in the pipeline, as well as the technical sheet and the photo gallery.

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