Yoshiaki Nomoto and the backflip in full trial competition
Yoshiaki Nomoto and the backflip in full trial competition

Those were more or less the words that appeared in the mind of the Japanese trial rider Yoshiaki nomoto during the last test of the All Japan Trial. How to leave rivals and the public with their mouths open at the same time without having to win? Then pulling a backflip up her sleeve in one of the natural obstacles of the route. Looking a little, one finds that Mr. Nomoto is a guy dedicated to the hobby, so it is already becoming a custom that people who have come ask him for such a pirouette.

But the truth is that this time the moment of glory is not so much. You seem nervous. Hurried on. Precipitate. From the very starting line it seems that you are in a hurry to get to the point where you plan to do the backflip. With his head elsewhere, the Japanese fails … and touches the ground. People get upset and then smile thinking: "easy boy!".

Make your way through rocks, bushes, dirt, and trees. Nail every move. His morale has taken a run to face the great challenge. People know that they are going to try, they had already seen it in practice … but, Will it succeed? Yes, and no, we leave you the video after the jump.

Yes, we also think that his pelvis has been splintered with that rock, how well the fuck is pretending!

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