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BMW C 650 GT, test (city and highway driving)
BMW C 650 GT, test (city and highway driving)

The first movements with the BMW C 650 GT practically while standing still I do them with the utmost caution. The bike is bulky and also weighs approximately 261 kg they are perfectly noticeable. In addition, the wide platform does not allow us many excesses with the legs so we must be careful. Although you quickly get used to it And its short turning radius, for example, allows you to turn in very little space.

We started our journey through the center of Madrid and surprisingly, as soon as the BMW C 650 GT takes up gear, the kilos disappear as if by magic. If you asked me how much it weighs now, I would say no more than two hundred. Dynamically the change is radical and we begin to move through traffic with absolute ease.

With 60 hp available on the right hand grip, accelerations are blazing. You even have to keep an eye out for intersections where, for example, we make a 90-degree turn at the exit. If we open fully or practically fully, we will notice how the rear wheel starts to slide as soon as the asphalt is a little worn. Yes, it is a scooter, but with some power figures that some simpler motorcycles would already like. Of course, the sound that comes out of the exhaust is very light. He lacks nerve, bad milk, being a little more hoarse. They are going to swell to sell the Akrapovic slip-on that they have as an accessory, I assure you.

BMW C 650 GT

The position, as we saw while standing, it is very comfortable. There I was, practically leaning on the seat and leaning on the back, with my legs almost completely stretched out, something not easy with my height. The environment is perfectly controlled and the mirrors do their job quite well, although in this case and because of my size, my arms obscured my vision a bit.

In section brakes, more than enough. The forward very progressive and comfortable. The rear not so much, harder and you need to apply more force to feel that it is working and if you go overboard, you will notice how the ABS comes into action, perhaps too soon for my liking.

BMW C 650 GT, who said that scooters are not for road?

BMW C 650 GT

The road clears and the 50 speed limit disappears. The route, about 90 kilometers through the north of Madrid, on roads of all kinds with very good asphalt. The route, in our GPS and only a fixed time to arrive. How we get there is up to us.

After a little photoshoot, it's time to get into flour. We raise the electric screen up to approximately halfway from the control located on the left pineapple so that when we increase speed we are a little more protected and we start to circulate. Of the group of four Spanish journalists that we have gathered, I am the only one who has the BMW C 650 GT while the other three at that time enjoy the Sport model.

We reach the first corner area and I attack it with caution. I do not forget that I am on a scooter and I don't want to be scared at the first change. But the surprise is quickly growing as big as my smile under the helmet. I increase the pace, and BMW C 650 GT it continues to behave as if it were cornering at low speed. There is no flapping, there are no movements, stability when cornering is absolute. I bow as much as humanly possible and I don't rub against anything: neither the exhaust, nor the stand, nor the belly like other models … Am I really still on a scooter?

BMW C 650 GT

Well yes, although seeing the forcefulness with which it accelerates at the exit of the curves I am also beginning to think that no, that it is not as scooter as they paint it. And in the brakes section? Well, with enough power to stop you with absolute safety and what is better, after intensive use on a descent in which I was determined to take the 25 points for my pocket, I hardly noticed any drop in performance. That if, the touch of the rear I still did not like. Too hard and too tactless.

We make a stop with the intention of commenting on some impressions. I put the side leg and as if by magic, the scooter stays perfectly braked in place. What an invention of the automatic parking brake! Although everything has to be said, it is a bit of reluctance to get off it if you put a gear or put the handbrake on your own. Will fall? Nothing, nothing, everything is a matter of having faith.

BMW C 650 GT

The highway it starts a little further, and I already want to try how does it behave like a pure GT, with miles and miles ahead of her. But that will be tomorrow.

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