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BMW C 650 GT, test (characteristics and curiosities)
BMW C 650 GT, test (characteristics and curiosities)

With a day behind schedule due to minor computer errors, today we start the test of which are the BMW models with which the German brand is fully involved in the mega-scooter segment. The BMW C 650 GT and BMW C 600 Sport. Ah, we do not forget to congratulate el_diablo73, who was the first to guess in the teaser that we proposed the other day, the motorcycles that we were going to have in our possession.

For it Bmw invited us to the international presentation that took place in Madrid, this week. There they prepared us two days in which we were able to test perfectly and in all types of routes the two scooter models. We started on Monday by taking a tour of the center of Madrid for the next day, touring the north of the province and thus also testing its virtues on the road.

How have the BMW scooters behaved? Have the Germans printed that special style of the rest of the models in the BMW C 650 GT and the BMW C 600 Sport? Let's see it.

BMW C 650 GT, from outside

BMW C 650 GT

When both models were presented at EICMA 2011, Luis made a complete report in which he talked about all their characteristics. I recommend reading it so that I can go on to tell you directly the details that I have been able to observe once seen live. We will start the test at BMW C 650 GT.

The BMW C 650 GT is the tourist option of the two BMW scooters. And if anyone knows how to make motorcycles to travel, it is the Germans. The first thing we can observe is some shapes that remind us a lot of the BMW R 1200 RT, one of the quintessential travelers. His stamp is voluminous, both on the front and on the sides of the rear seat.

The reservoir is located in the central area, making the central tunnel quite large and dividing the platform into two parts. This has some recesses between the pilot and passenger area to allow reaching the ground more comfortably. The legs can fit perfectly there when we are standing, although as we will see later, the lower drivers they can get hit with the rear of the platform.

BMW C 650 GT, from the inside

BMW C 650 GT

We place ourselves at the controls of the BMW C 650 GT and we see that the seat is too lowThe standard is 780mm from the height, although there are two models, one higher and one lower as an option so that we can find the one that best suits our size. In the back, a backrest allows us perfectly support the kidneys, inviting us to stretch our legs and bring them to the front of the platform.

The handlebar is relatively high, allowing us to arms fall very naturally on him. There, all the controls are at hand and the test units that we had were equipped with various extras such as heated seats and grips, on-board computer and GPS. Everything was handled perfectly. Even both levers are adjustable in five positions so that we can find the perfect fit.

BMW C 650 GT

Well if I have to put a but I would do it at Gps, mounted in the center of the handlebar in a slightly low position and that forces take your eyes too far off the road. Today manufacturers should take into account the possible location of these elements when they start to design the motorcycle, so that their position is more integrated and more ergonomic.

The dashboard is very readable, with an analog dial on the left that acts as a speedometer and a digital display on the right where we can see the fuel level, odometer and two trip meters, data from the on-board computer, the time and the rev counter. In addition, three screens located on the left, top and bottom will show us different warning lights (warning, ABS, lights, etc …)

BMW C 650 GT, deeper

BMW C 650 GT

Under the handlebar and behind the front, the BMW C 650 GT has two keyless glove boxes of different capacities, ideal for leaving your mobile, wallet, garage remote control, etc. From the ignition key itself, located between these two glove compartments, we open both the fuel tank and the hood located under the seat. In the BMW C 650 GT, the total volume we have is approximately 60 liters, which allows us store two full face helmets although during the test, we could not find exactly the optimal position inside so that the seat closed perfectly. It will be a matter of turning it over until you find the correct placement.

The hole is upholstered and also has courtesy light so we can see what's inside when there is no outside light, whether it's at night or we're inside the garage. And speaking of garages or dark spaces. The models tested also equipped as an extra the LED daytime running lights Front with Way-home function. In addition to making the scooter very visible during the day, once parked, they remain on for 30 seconds to precisely and as the word says, allowing you to make the way home with light.

BMW C 650 GT

Speaking of parking, one of the features that surprised me the most about both models is their automatic parking brake. It is activated as soon as we unfold the side leg, so that we do not have to worry about activating any lever if we have parked on a sloping street. It works thanks to a second caliper in the lower part of the rear disc brake and is able to keep the BMW stationary even with the passenger seated.

We turn the key, wait for the check control and press the button. The twin comes to life. We started.

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