Project Eagle, Ducati in Audi's sights
Project Eagle, Ducati in Audi's sights

More or less a week has lasted the news that Hero MotoCorp. I was interested in buying Ducati, because the rumor this week is that the brand interested in buying Ducati is Audi.

And it even seems that the German brand even has a code name for the operation, Eagle Project according to MCN, which in turn echo the news published by CAR magazine.

And it seems that in the Volkswagen Group They have been regretting for some time not having closed the deal with Ducati when the Italian brand was launched in 2008 and since then they have kept what was happening in Borgo Panigale under surveillance until, when it was made public that they were looking for a capitalist partner, one of the first calls received in Italy were from Ferdinand Piech, the supreme boss of the Volkswagen Group.

Of course the Germans have made a low bid and instead of the 1,000 million euros that they initially asked for, they have offered 850 million euros. It sounds to me that that's where the other rumors have come from that there were other interested international buyers.

Whether or not what one or the other says is true, Ducati seems to let itself be loved, although today it gives me that the “boyfriend” with the most possibilities is the Audi-Volkswagen Group. We will continue to pay attention to the soap opera Let's see who the attractive Italian goes withIf with the young Asian millionaire or with the mature pasty German.

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