GoPro HD Hero2, analyzed in Engadget
GoPro HD Hero2, analyzed in Engadget

On numerous occasions we have filled the first page of our blog with montages and videos in which the protagonist (s) were filmed with a well-known camera, the Gopro. Since its first version, the HERO, was released, the company has only been successful to the point of consolidate as the camera for extreme sports par excellence. Currently they have also managed to get the most famous athletes to pass their names around the world in an excellent sponsorship strategy.

His next model, the HD HERO, did nothing more than increase revenue and put a smile on the face of everyone who was beginning to enjoy it. His latest jewel, the HD HERO2, it is a huge step forward, a world of possibilities for those who want or need to record their memories in more places than their minds. Or for those who want to share moments, or spend a few hours making audiovisual montages etc … And among that wide and special audience there is one in particular. Us.

Those of the motorcycles, which we enjoy so much recording our outings, our routes, our adventures on asphalt or dirt. The price of whim is high, 348 euros. Yes. But is it worth it? To help you clear up any doubts, Xataka's friends have made a thorough and in-depth analysis where we can see their vices and virtues with clear examples.

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