Ducati throws the house out the window and auctions two GP Desmosedici
Ducati throws the house out the window and auctions two GP Desmosedici

Alberticu already warned us in January that an auction of a fairly extensive Ducati collection will be held in Monaco on May 11 and 12. What was not publicized at that time is that among those jewels up for auction will be a Ducati GP10 driven by Casey Stoner in the last season with the brand and a Ducati GP11 driven by Valentino Rossi Last season. How powerful is your piggy bank?

Because a couple of such important pieces are sure to arouse the interest of wealthier collectors, and perhaps even the interest of certain Asian manufacturers. Although as they explain, along with the letter of transfer of the motorcycles there is a confidentiality agreement for whoever takes them home. Can you imagine being able to rummage through one of those motorcycles?

Ducati GP10 with Casey stoner Phillip Island 2010

The Ducati GP10 It was built at the Borgo Panigale factory between December 7 and 11, 2009, was first started on the factory test bench on December 14, 2009 and used for the first time by Casey Stoner in training of Sepang in February 2010. The first race he participated in was the Qatar in April of that year and won the Phillip Island race in October 2010. He also marked the pole position in Qatar, Phillip Island and Valencia. He also finished on the podium at the Valencia, Assen and Catalunya races. In total this Ducati Desmosedici GP10 rolled that season 4,232 km and has the chassis number CS1 (By Casey Stoner 1)

The Ducati GP11 named VR2 (by Valentino Rossi 2) was built at the factory between December 6 and 10, 2010 and was started up two days later. Valentino Rossi debuted it in February tests at the Sepang track and ran the first race with it at the Qatari Grand Prix that season. This bike reached the podium at Le Mans in May, and hit the track for the last time in Assen. In total, the bike rolled 2,342 km that season.

The final figure is sure to be astronomicalAnd accessing the technology of these motorcycles with such a short delay seems like a somewhat risky option. But a powerful gentleman is a gift of money and Ducati is sure to make a good box at this auction.

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