The Dakar 2012 in black and white by François Flamand
The Dakar 2012 in black and white by François Flamand

I've had my eye on this photographer's gallery a long time ago, François Flamand, but for one reason or another I had not found the time to share it with you. Now, fully recovered from the 2012 Dakar hangover that Morrillu told us in detail, it is enormously enjoyable to spend some time contemplating the gorgeous black and white portraits, scenes and landscapes that the French photographer shares with all of us on his Facebook page.

The pilot leads the post Gustavo Bassi, with number 115, Argentine rider whose face is a true reflection of the toughness of this competition. Apart from controversy, it is undeniable that there is no other test in the world that requires the same physical and mental conditions that are necessary to overcome it. It is not surprising that the objective of those who risk their lives there, separating ourselves from the professionals sponsored by large companies, is only to be able to finish the rally. To understand this situation helps the approach of François, looking for the externalization of the feelings in the pilots and the sincerity in the environment, without deception. Because we saw unparalleled beaches, an ocean that calls you to test its waters, seas of magical dunes, from a dream … seen from home it seemed an idyllic and spectacular story.

François slipped into every corner in the Dakar 2012

But you know that this is nothing more than a cover, a world that draws attention, makes you trust it but plays it on you as soon as you get lost by placing a stone in your way. To discover closely that species of heroes that are its participants, I highly recommend spending time glued to the screen so as not to lose detail of the gallery of almost fifty photographs that he posted on his profile.

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