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Yamaha V-Max Hyper Modified: Roland Sands puts the icing on the cake
Yamaha V-Max Hyper Modified: Roland Sands puts the icing on the cake

Not because it is the best, but because it is the last of the three, we place Roland Sands' Yamaha VMAX as the icing on the Hyper Modified cake. The American's machine is probably the one that differs the most from the style set by the original VMAX and is much closer to that of the workshop itself. In this sense, they may have sinned being egocentric because more than a great modification of the Japanese machine it may seem like another one of their many prepared motorcycles.

This can also be seen as something positive, however he is one of the most famous and awarded trainers in the world. He has even allowed himself to launch his own motorcycle clothing line, almost nothing. We now understand Marcus Walz and Ludovic when they said that they knew exactly what Roland was going to do with the Yamaha, was it surprising? It may not be as groundbreaking and spectacular as the rest, but following their ideas is nothing more than following a safe path. Few would reject this VMAX, right? After the jump we get right into it and, now, we can judge and decide which one to choose.

The expectations of a genius

Roland sands

I cannot deny that it was from him that I expected the great masterpiece that would leave his competitors at the height of the bitumen. It has not been so. Not because Roland has been weaker than on other occasions but because Marcus and Ludovic have been spectacular with their respective. Both have managed to find the strengths of this motor legend and make a great functional caricature of her. But what is expected of Roland? We have to keep in mind that he is not just any trainer, involved in the world of motorcycles since he was a child, he turned speed into his profession when he got older. So much so that it rose as 1998 AMA 250cc champion and he still holds some records on European and American circuits. 32 broken bones later decided to hang up the jumpsuit and find safety in a workshop with which to unleash his imagination.

Seen like this, what are you waiting for? Obviously a real motorcycle, one with which you can go out on weekends to enjoy the beauty but that twists necks wherever you go. And that is exactly what they have done. Rather than leverage the "muscles" of Japanese design, he has considered that the great strength is its propellant, so you will focus on getting the most out of it. Therefore, it does not consist in putting an endless number of ornaments but in an exercise of effectiveness and functionality accompanied by a cleaning of lines. A) Yes the general lines of the VMAX disappear And the remaining parts of the series can be counted on one hand: engine, forks, chassis and swingarm.

VMAX details

And by making the most of it, we are not referring to boosting an already powerful engine, but rather to improving the performance of the whole, seeking its lightness and effectiveness. By putting the VMAX on a diet so that, now, your muscles can move with amazing freedom. This magnificent idea translates into 45kg less compared to the motorcycle made in Japan. We see a much more discreet tank, the handmade exhaust system located in the insignificant tail and a change of position that radically changes the style of the Yamaha; we went from a more "custom" driving position to a low and wide handlebar, more aggressive, which enhances handling.

If today I had the possibility to choose one and keep it, I would undoubtedly bet on this one. Because I understand that it should not only be a collector's item that needs to be dusted from time to time but also It should and can be used when you please to generate a bit of that much needed adrenaline where we stink of gasoline. But for your taste, what has been the best preparation? If you need to take a look at the previous two, I leave the links right after the gallery.

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