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The websites of motorcycle manufacturers in depth (II)
The websites of motorcycle manufacturers in depth (II)

We continue with the second installment of review to web pages of the main motorcycle manufacturers. As we said in the first part, in which the Japanese brands were the protagonists, along with blogs and forums of Internet users, motorcycle manufacturers' websites form the foundation of information on the web when searching for motorcycle data. I think that many of us who have bought a new motorcycle and have needed certain information at a given moment and more or less use the internet, we have turned to one of the three pillars that I cite to document us.

We recall that for this evaluation we have taken into account the ease of navigation and use together with multimedia content, aesthetics and clear and concise product information. We also take into account added services such as prices, promotions, financing, manual download, insurance contracting, test or second-hand units and workshop section. In the Japanese manufacturers review we were left with the Yamaha and Kawasaki websites in equal parts ahead of Honda and finally Suzuki. Let's see what the Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and Triumph websites give.

APRILIA website


We start with the Aprilia website with a fairly flat but comfortable design who is not a friend of fanfare. Well placed although without a visible web map. Its design is based on an animated central rectangle with some boxes below where we can select, very visible, the available promotions, test units and news from both the company and the competition team. At the top we find texts to click with dropdowns that will take us to the viewing of motorcycle models.

By selecting a section, we will have access to all the models in that segment with the price and the possibility of including the motorcycles in a comparator. Visioning a specific model, the information is well placed and abundant with a description of the motorcycle, technical sheet, drop-down of accessories with its price and a configurator for customizations. It also has a link to download the current catalog of that motorcycle model. In the customer service and manuals section we will have available to download the user manuals for all models motorcycle manufacturer.

  • Positive points:

As positive points we would highlight a simple website in which navigating is easy and intuitiveor. There are no aesthetic boasts that prevent browsing and on a relatively small screen, the scroll is minimal so the first impression is that everything is visible.

  • Bad points:

In return, that simplicity gives a look somewhat bland to the web and it is difficult to look for an innovative design that does not divert attention from navigation. Separate services are lacking, such as the possibility of financing or contracting motorcycle insurance that can be offered from the same official dealer. The video section is a bit sparse on less current models and no web map on the home page.

BMW website


Quite a bit "chicha" to cut on the BMW website. From the outset, some central drop-down by segment These are followed by tables with a lot of information of all kinds and access to parallel websites such as promotions and accessories or the BMW Riders user group. Financing, news and models by segment are also present in these tables. Above, the typical drop-downs in which we find the motorcycle models, accessories, etc.

The information by models is very good with a Three-dimensional viewer that allows us to see the motorcycle in 360 degrees. Rigorous technical data sheet, model comparator and links to equipment catalogs. Mention that by clicking on one of these links, we will download one of the extensive catalogs in pdf format of the brand with prices included. The prices of the new motorcycles and the promotions are in a separate section. An online store is available linked to certain dealers. Possibility of financial services and used motorcycle finder.

  • Positive points:

The BMW website is Very extensive and that is his great asset. The aesthetic is simple with that white background but not without dynamism. The home panel with the animated segment charts is worth seeing. The information is very high in every way, from motorcycle models to the history of the brand. The independent sites they also have a lot of information.

  • Bad points:

The downside is that it is so extensive that it takes a long time to see it and scrutinize it in its entirety. You have to give many mouse clicks to search for certain information. In the rest of the negative plot, we would highlight the absence of certain services such as the download of the owner's manual that we cannot find anywhere and the contracting of motorcycle insurance.

Ducati website


They want it at Ducati everything at a glance on the home page and without scrolling. Task that is presumed complicated but that your web department solves masterfully. All the information in dropdowns at the top, motorcycle models included. A central part for the news with a table in which the news and a mini sitemap at the bottom. As we say, a website cannot be condensed in a better way. Motorcycle prices are visible when accessing all models. The accessories are searched in their corresponding section and also appear with prices. New motorcycle promotions are available in the small changing news box on the home page.

The viewing of motorcycles sometimes includes links to other websites dedicated to specific models or sites. In general the information is well distributed. There are configurator and comparator of motorcycle models. A strong point is the maintenance section where you can download the owner's manuals and spare parts. There is no second-hand motorcycle section and there is no financing and the possibility of contracting motorcycle insurance policies. Dispose of Online store and sections on competition, history and management of visits to the Ducati factory.

  • Positive points:

The best without a doubt is the way in which condenses everything into a small space. The maxim has clearly been the "little but well placed"Not a concession to stridency, all very simple and well visible. Being able to view maps of motorcycle parts in your workshop section is an asset to consider.

  • Bad points:

The absence of some services are the few drawbacks that can be put to the Borgo Panigale brand website. Lack of financing, used motorcycles and insurance among other services that are common to other brands.

Triumph website


Triumph on its website seems to agglutinate the best of all. On the one hand, it has the simplicity of Ducati with almost everything on the home page with almost no scrolling and it has good information in fixed boxes at the bottom along with drop-down text at the top in which to search for motorcycle models and other information. Promotions, accessories, financing and motorcycle insurance are well visible on the home page. There is the possibility of requesting motorcycle tests through a form that is accessed from the motorcycle models in particular.

There is a configurator called Create my triumph in which we can customize the motorcycle to our liking and see the final price of the product. We did not find the download of owner's manuals or a link to their digital magazine, that we know that they have one and it is possible that you have to subscribe to their website in order for them to send us the download links. The magazine of the brand on paper if it is received by ordinary mail, as is the case of the person who writes this article. There is a good download section for catalogs of all models and also clothes. The animations of the frames are at a very good level.

  • Positive points:

Ease of use and clarity of navigation above all. And being able to put almost everything at a stroke on the home page are the strengths of the Triumph website. It has services such as financing and insurance that other websites do not have.

  • Bad points:

In this case too few drawbacks can be put in this case. More clarity on pricing it would be more convenient rather than having to fetch them via the Create my Triumph executable. The absence of owner's manuals it is also a drawback of an almost perfect website.

Last conclusions

Although it must be said that under our criteria, the perfect web did not existe, of the options of the European manufacturers we are left in equal parts with the options of Ducati and Triumph ahead of BMW and finally Aprilia. It must be said that all fulfill their mission but in all cases the perfect website would be the one that brings together the greatest number of options in order to serve a susceptible buyer.

Downloading workshop manuals It should be a mandatory detail on all websites. The prices and promotions They should also be easily seen and recognized. Other services such as financing or motorcycle insurance, even if they are not offered on the web, it is possible that they are offered at dealerships and it does not hurt to indicate it. With the market of used motorcycles the same thing happens. It can be a double-edged sword but it must be borne in mind that with a selection of used motorcycles there is a hook to make the customer go through the concession, and incidentally, see the new models for sale. Not much attention is paid to this plot. Compared to Japanese brand websites, There are no big differences with these European saving the aesthetic issues.

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