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Marc Márquez, Alex Rins and Miguel Oliveira charge the batteries in Albacete
Marc Márquez, Alex Rins and Miguel Oliveira charge the batteries in Albacete

And five months later Marc Márquez got back on his Suter. During the last two days, little by little, one image after another came to us: Marc was in Albacete, shooting from noon until late in the afternoon, taking advantage of the sunny moments offered by the La Mancha track. A contact made possible thanks to the approval of the doctors and the Alacarrás tests where he could put himself to the test.

Marc has accumulated the first kilometers in 2012 and is preparing to face the next appointment in the IRTA tests in Jerez that will start in just nine days. The season is about to begin so the Moto3 riders, Miguel Oliveira and Álex RinsThey also traveled with their team to the Albacete facilities. By the way, we can now listen to those little 250cc machines again. I don't know if my hearing has gotten used to me, but the fact is that they no longer seem as “mowed” as when Luis left us the first videos. What do you think? Will it take us long to forget the sound of the 125cc?

Marc Márquez:

Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira fine-tune the Honda NSF250R

Alex's first time with the Honda after having recovered from the left shoulder injury that had prevented him from getting on the Honda. Slowly but surely, one of the favorite teams to fight for the title in 2012 is preparing for the Jerez training sessions where we will see, all other things being equal, where they actually are compared to their competitors. For his part, Oliveira was able to prove the new chassis that Suter has prepared for the Honda.

Miguel Oliveira:

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