On a motorcycle, we've all been rookies at one time or another, right?
On a motorcycle, we've all been rookies at one time or another, right?

This is what comes to mind after reviewing the video that you will see in this article. It really caught my attention because it seems like a very silly fall, and luckily, without major consequences for the rider of the Yamaha R6. It is simply what we would call in our biker slang: “a rectum". I have seen it several times and the pilot who goes off the road with his Yamaha r6, do not go at excessive speed. I would say that it has to do with the control of the motorcycle and the weight of it. It reminds me that, on a motorcycle, we have all been newbies at some time, truth?.

Server took out the motorcycle license a long time ago. Some juggling a scooter, My experience doing trial was good for me !, and you had free way to drive the most powerful motorcycle From the market. It is true that there were people who suffered serious accidents precisely because of that fact. And not only with large motorcycles, but also with slightly poisoned medium-displacement motorcycles. Who does not remember the Yamaha RD350cc ?. The "matapijos"Or"black widow“They nicknamed her at that time. After the division of cards, something was gained in favor of hoarding kilometers and gradually increasing displacement and power but curiously, in terms of weight and handling, a limited 600cc bike, still critical to control. Especially if you are a newbie. Do you remember your rookie motorcycle days? Any straight?

With the Montesa Cota 348 trial with which I took my first steps on a motorcycle, I don't remember being scared. I don't even remember major falls. It seemed to me a very harmless motorcycle although as they say; if you look for it, you'll find it. For just a 13- or 14-year-old, that thing had respectable performance. The step to drive road motorcycles was already “flour from another sack". Come on, they were major words. The first routes, in which the last of the group arrives at all the sites, there were successions of curves that choked me. Someone in the group showed me the light when explained to me what it was to do counter-handlebar. You could have warned! I thought. There was a before and after mastering this technique.

And is that even if they test stopwatch in hand dodging cones, bars and other driving school furniture, even if you go with the teacher giving you signs via earpiece in a car behind you, the road is something else. And drive a big bike and another heavy one. At the beginning there are situations in which you pass them "canutas". At least it has happened to me. And some rookie straight, not many, a couple of them without consequences or falls. But if a car comes from the opposite direction I don't know what could have happened. And without high speeds, he just didn't know how to control the motorcycle properly. The pilot of the Yamaha r6 of the video at least it does not invade the opposite lane since it leaves in a left curve in the direction of its march circulating on the right, as can be seen. Although that guardrail does not look very good to say. Another thing that caught my attention is the reluctance of people to tell this type of event. It seems that it is difficult to explain if we make mistakes. Perhaps because of the magnitude of these if that car from the opposite lane had been there? I don't know, but I don't think it's bad to tell it either. You learn from mistakes and,who has not ever been a rookie?.

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