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Mash Seventy 125 cc, cheap and beautiful made in China
Mash Seventy 125 cc, cheap and beautiful made in China

Mash Seventy 125cc It is a nice and cheap motorcycle "made in China" that will be imported into France by SIMA. A motorcycle that, reviewing what we can see in the photos, seems a step above the typical and topical quality of Chinese products. In addition, with those colors that present it to us, it even seems attractive to the eye. Because we do not have to forget that we are talking about a utility motorcycle, which does not have to be ugly, old-fashioned or of poor quality.

In this case, The Mash Seventy 125cc is not a high performance motorcycleIts 124 cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine is capable of giving us 11.6 hp at 8,750 rpm. But in return he promises to reach the 3 liters per 100 km, which is precisely what you are looking for with a motorcycle like this. Because with these consumptions, and the 12 liters that fit in the tank, you can ride 400 km without visiting the gas station.

Mash Seventy 125 cc

Its content weight, we are talking about 99 kg dry, and the seat height, 780 mm, make it also affordable for people of small size or novice. Although nothing prevents someone experienced from getting on one of these 125 citizens. The most interesting part, along with the consumption that we have already mentioned, is the price, since we are talking about only 1,790 euros. Price of the version with a single seat, if you want the two-seater seat you will have to pay 66 euros more.

I do not know if this motorcycle will somehow arrive in Spain, but seeing the times, and as the economy progresses, simple, cheap utility motorcycles are imposed again that do not have to be ugly or look like a plastic motorcycle for children.

Technical data sheet Mash Seventy 125cc

  • Single cylinder 4-stroke engine, SOHC
  • Displacement 124 cc
  • Electronic start
  • Electrical start
  • Air cooling
  • Power 11.6 hp at 8,750 rpm
  • Maximum speed 105 km / h
  • Front disc brake, diameter Ø 220 mm
  • Rear brake, drum
  • Front wheel 90 / 90-18
  • Rear wheel 120 / 80-16
  • Length x width x height 1970 × 720 × 1115 mm
  • Seat height 780 mm
  • Dry weight 99 kg
  • 12 liter fuel tank
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty, unlimited mileage.

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