Death penalty for illegal racing in China
Death penalty for illegal racing in China

China is one of those countries that never ceases to amaze usEither because of the products that come out of their factories or simply because of the “peculiar” of their political system. We are not going to judge that system, but reading today's news I have a lot of doubts. It turns out that a couple of drivers from the city of Shanghai were recorded by police surveillance cameras at high speed through the streets of the city on both Honda and Yamaha 1000cc motorcycles. They were also filmed skipping some red lights. The events occurred on February 3 and have been classified as illegal race through the streets.

The drivers, who were tried to stop at the time but escaped from the police, they were arrested a few days later since they had been identified. What was not expected is that following the recent guidelines of the Chinese police they can be sentenced to the death penalty for their violation of the country's highway code. In addition to speeding and skipping red lights, it was also possible to see that one of them was driving without a license and the other had bent plates from another motorcycle. Come on, the sum of crimes in any western country would mean the immediate withdrawal of the license and several months, if not years, in jail. But being executed for one (or several) traffic offenses?

When we talked about the idea of ​​the Italian legislators to create the figure of road homicide I think it was clear that the object of any sanction is to obtain the rehabilitation and reintegration of the offender. Things that cannot be done if the offender is executed. Of course, if they had caused the death of someone with their recklessness, surely the punishment would seem proportionate to the relatives of those dead. Do we return to the law of Talion with an eye for an eye? What do you think of this type of extreme punishment?

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