Next week we thoroughly test Scott's Neck brace
Next week we thoroughly test Scott's Neck brace

For a long time I have been wanting to try this security element that I consider more essential every day. Especially when facing some of our motorcycle adventures such as forays on the circuit, or field motorcycle outings at a let's say carefree pace. But always with the final goal is to incorporate it into the usual clothing to finish using it in an automatic way as when we put on the helmet.

Precisely the cervical protector Neck brace 250 of the Swiss brand Scott is one of the candidates to join my personal team, since pIt can mean the difference between having a very serious injury or that everything is in a good scare. As always, we will try to make the most of the qualities that the manufacturer tells us about their product, although this time the test will be more difficult since proving its effectiveness would mean giving a good bang.

Scott carbon neck brace

But do not worry that something will occur to us to be able to check its operation without thereby endangering the integrity of "the artist". While we prepare everything for next week, I leave you the photo of the new Scott Neck Brace Carbon Pro which has just hit the market and as you can see its chassis is made entirely of carbon fiber, which allows an ultra light construction.

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