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Yamaha V-Max Hyper Modified; in depth with the work of Marcus Walz
Yamaha V-Max Hyper Modified; in depth with the work of Marcus Walz

This is how Yamaha introduces this peculiar competition that ended at the last Milan Motor Show, where the three masterpieces were presented. The strategy was very simple; select the best trainers in the balloon and present them with a challenge that they could not reject, such as facing their competition in a battlefield like the Yamaha VMAX, one of the most popular muscle bikes on the market. But this Fausto already told us at the time.

Marcus walz, Roland sands and Ludovic lazareth They accepted the proposal and began to work on the Japanese motorcycle for weeks with the deadline set by the EICMA. Three different styles, three ways of thinking and three cultures reflected in the same machine. In short, an exhibition of know-how, imagination and performance ready to be compared. Today, we take a long look at what the hands of German Marcus Walz have been able to do.

Marcus Walz, maximum expression of the VMAX

Marcus Walz VMAX

As I was saying, one of the aspects they had to take into account in the Hockemheim workshop where Marcus's people work is time. Normally they get to work without this pressure, at your own pace, without having to meet any date or commitment. However, this time they would have to have everything ready by the end of November, which becomes even more complicated if we follow Walz's will. As the German tells us in the attached interview, His intention was to carry the project entirely in Germany, without the need for outside help. However, he is not the most famous European preparer for collecting parts from here and there to assemble at home.

In his head there is also a fundamental concept for this challenge, if the machine to be modified is the VMAX has to remain recognizable, it has to remain a VMAX from head to toe. So we forget about the radical changes that we see out there and we focus on making the most of the characteristics of an already spectacular motorcycle in terms of shapes.

Therefore, they respected as far as possible the general lines of Japanese design. But inside we are now running into a carbon party, which means a considerable reduction in the weight of the whole. And we have to take into account that only by installing a carbon rim instead of the original, more than 10kg have been taken out of the way, fundamental axes for driving. It is not surprising therefore that after having met Yamaha, Marcus was looking forward to returning home to enroll it and enjoy it on the road. You will have already noticed the handcrafted exhaust system, another issue that could affect compliance with the deadline. The reason is obvious, it is the last piece they would manufacture because they had to wait to have everything finished but the treatment of the ceramic components here in the center of Europe takes about two weeks.

Marcus Walz rolling with the VMAX

Because that is another of its strengths. We have seen preparations that would hardly pass the ITV but this Yamaha meets all the requirements of European traffic regulations. In other words, it is enrollable and, above all, enjoyable.

We could read you a long time ago thinking that the bikes that Roland Sands and Ludovic hadn't surprised him at all, it was more than clear what style they were going to follow. We will analyze both machines in the next few days and, when we are finished, we will be able to freely comment on which one we liked the most. We can also assure you that this will not be the last of the collaborations with the tuning fork factory; There is already another work cooking in the German oven.

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