Yamaha XS650 Bobber by Holiday Customs, nice and simple
Yamaha XS650 Bobber by Holiday Customs, nice and simple

Starting from a Yamaha XS650, which is a humble motorcycle but hides a lot in its DNA, Jared Johnson from Holiday Custom has made this Bobber that in my opinion is one of the most beautiful that I have seen lately. It is also one of the simplest and most successful motorcycles that I remember of the many that I see every day. Of course, a Bobber by definition is a motorcycle that has had the fenders and everything superfluous removed to make it lighter.

The best thing is the video that you can see at the end, in which the constructor shows us in a compressed way in time all or almost all the construction of the motorcycle. Almost all of it, because for example we don't see the chassis modification process, in which Jared smoothed and modified the original curves until we got the result we see. Perhaps the most striking part of the whole bike are the two exhausts with that organic and rounded shape, which nevertheless allow us to hear the hoarse sound of the original engine. Another interesting point is the "peanut" type tank and the seat, minimal and perfectly integrated into the line of the motorcycle.

If you have $ 10,500 the bike can be yours, because it is for sale, although you can only enjoy it in a closed space because in the streets of Europe these works have the expiration date already fulfilled.

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