Wunderlich S1000RR Mad Max or the country version of the sports car of the moment
Wunderlich S1000RR Mad Max or the country version of the sports car of the moment

It is only necessary to take a glance at the photo that heads this post to realize that we are looking at a motorcycle a little bit special. It's about the Wunderlich S1000RR Mad Max, and was born from the union between the tire brand Continental, the king of BMW accessories, Wunderlich, and the french designer Nicolas Petit. And here the friends have not had a better idea than to turn the always impressive BMW S1000RR in an aggressive motorcycle perfect for off-road.

As can also be deduced from its name, the model is inspired by the trilogy Mad maxThose movies that drove us crazy when we were little in the eighties (although the first is from 1979). The fact is that in his day we all hallucinated with the motorcycles that appeared in them, although now they make us laugh more than anything else when we see them. But we are going to return to what concerns us, because as can be seen with the naked eye, the changes are numerous.

Thus, they have stripped the BMW S1000RR by removing its original fairing and those recognizable headlights, giving them a face very similar to the kit Piranha which Wunderlich already has. But above all, those enduro tires are obvious Continental TKC80 (120/70 front and 180/55 rear) that directly change the philosophy of the bike. It also has suspensions Öhlins, handlebars Magura or an aluminum exhaust pipe Ramus.

It's no wonder either, considering where its inspiration comes from, that the Wunderlich S1000RR Mad Max is from matte black. Yes indeed, sprinkled with gold details that highlight its more futuristic and aggressive side. And finally, do not miss the nice stickers that accompany the model and that you can see in detail in the gallery. Let's say that these are some peculiar security tips that will have to be taken into account.

In short, a very different version of a well-known and successful model, and that personally I would not mind trying (obviously). Now we just have to wait and see if they dare to use it for a fourth installment of the famous Mad Max saga. I've been hearing rumors about her for years, and It wouldn't be a bad idea to see the Wunderlich S1000RR Mad Max traversing those apocalyptic deserts.

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