This is the electric Mugen Shinden that will compete in the Zero TT
This is the electric Mugen Shinden that will compete in the Zero TT

It is not a month since we spoke for the first time about the Mugen Shinden that they were preparing to participate in the Zero TT on the Isle of Man this year. At that time we did not have much more information, luckily today we can enjoy some images and even a video of the motorcycle in question rolling on a circuit.

At the moment we do not see anything as spectacular as the Lightning Electric Superbike of the other day, but I think that with the data that has been revealed about the Japanese motorcycle we can be sure that the competition will be interesting, even more so when it will be. John McGuinness the pilot of the Japanese motorcycle. A guarantee on one of the most difficult circuits in the world. Because John McGuinness counts on his record with milestones such as the fastest lap ever given to the mountain circuit at an average of 131.05 mph o 17 victories in different categories contested on the Isle of Man.

The technical data indicates that the brushless electric motor develops 90 kW (approximately 122 hp) and a torque of 220 Nm, powered by a Lithium Ion battery capable of giving more than 370 volts. The total weight of the motorcycle is in 260 kg and the chassis is a double aluminum beam. Ale, we already have the Japanese “black leg” ready for the Zero TT. Who doubts that Honda is not behind this project and that they are going for it all?

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