Derek Kinzett and the wire custom
Derek Kinzett and the wire custom

Many years ago, when I was little and still not using my reasoning skills as it should, I spent hours and hours begging for a motorcycle. For kings, for my birthday, for the alignment of the stars … Something that never came, until you grow up and can work to get hold of your precious little dream. But it would be wrong for me to say the first bike I had I bought with my money, or that it was the result of hard work. Because it's not true, before that I have an uncle, tired of listening to me talk about motorcycles 24 hours a day, he came home some Christmas saying, with all possible seriousness, that he had bought me one and would give it to me in a few days. And he did, only that that piece of custom, handcrafted from wheels to handlebars, was made of wire and did not measure more than 20cm. I would not be surprised at anything Derek Kinzett the same thing will happen to him.

Derek is a talented British sculptor who uses wire as raw material for his works only. His pieces are surprising not only at the level of detail that he prints them but also a characteristic that makes them unique; the actual scale. So we are faced with transparent people sitting quietly on a chair, beautiful women riding bicycles, monks, fairies and life size motorcycles, just the one you have on these lines.

Harley wire

It is not the first time that we bring you an artistic piece based on a motorcycle, for example the Ducati 1098 and 1198 that Hornsleth designed not long ago, but at least this time there will be no one hitting the wall with their head they have made their favorite machine.

Wouldn't you like to squeeze the gas on that chassis in a fast corner? It has to be a grace …

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