Hero MotoCorp could be interested in Ducati
Hero MotoCorp could be interested in Ducati

We Europeans have a bad habit of looking at our navel and then, after a while, thinking about what is in the rest of the world. So when Alberticu told us on February 13 that Ducati was looking for someone with the necessary resources to expand the business, the first thing we thought about was BMW, Volkswagen or even Mahindra, the latter company that scares when you look at their profit account.

But as I read in Bike Advice, the final bidder for the Italian factory could be someone more discreet but also with a healthy profit account, we are talking about Hero MotoCorp. A company created in 1988 that practically just ended its relationship with Honda and that in the 2012-2011 exercise obtained 424, 14 million dollars profit.

In this union, money does not seem to be important, but the Indian gentlemen are looking for a first world tech partner to help them grow and improve their market and products. Because to date Hero MotoCorp has devoted itself almost exclusively to small-displacement motorcycles and tricycles. Proof of this technological voracity is that they have also just signed a collaboration agreement with Eric Buell Racing.

Can you imagine a Ducati "made in India"? Time to time, because that part of the world is going to take the lead in the motor business in the very near future.

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