SBK Magazine Phillip Island: so you don't miss a single detail
SBK Magazine Phillip Island: so you don't miss a single detail

More than once we have talked about the coverage that the British Eurosport chain gave to its national championship and the world championship. Superbikes, truth?. An enviable deal, especially for us who despite having a world champion on earth, we still have to use pay channels or streams of doubtful quality on the internet to see such a magnificent championship. Years ago the organization broadcast for free and live both the Superpole and the races but that happened to "better" life. Even so, this year they have made an effort and for each race they offer us a special program lasting about 25 minutes to analyze what happened.

SBK Magazine it was launched with the previous one of the season, although it did so even with many fringes to be treated. For example, the resolution offered to us is worth; 480pp. However they have learned from the comments of the fans on their YouTube page and Today we can enjoy the post-race edition of Phillip Island in 1080 or 720pp. We start by taking a look at Carlos Checa's Ducati 1098R that this season debuts a six kilogram ballast imposed by the organization. They also give a good look back at last weekend's races with the regular SBK commentators. Did you feel like racing this weekend? So go ahead and get rid of your thorn with SBK Magazine.

I do not know if it has been launched by the new relationship with MotoGP, who already offered a magnificent program, After the flag, but nevertheless you could only see it on his Youtube page of motorcycle that nobody could link its content. For now, those from SBK let us bring the program here without you having to be aware of its updates. Let's enjoy while we can.

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