Soccer and motorcycles Are they compatible?
Soccer and motorcycles Are they compatible?

Today we received the latest creation from MK Art Productions on an Arai RX-7 Gp helmet in which, at the personal request of the client, it has been designed with the colors and crest of his football club. Undoubtedly an exclusive decoration That will arouse sympathy or criticism depending on the affinity you feel for this particular team.

I am not the most appropriate to talk about soccer since I have never been interested in or do not follow any type of competition in this sport. In fact when I have seen this Honda Brazil video in which they also mix the two hobbies, soccer and motorcycles, my “soccer” ignorance has led me to ask on twitter who was the soccer player who stars in the ad that you can see below.

And precisely many times I have talked about this topic with friends, concluding that it is common to meet bikers who are not interested in the world of football. What's more, personally I think that it usually happens to quite a few fans of the motor world in general, not just motorcycles. I do not know why strange reason within a society dominated by the beautiful sport with which you are continuously bombarded from all fronts within the motorcycle community there is a high percentage of "irreducible Gauls" who are not caught by football.

But how could it be otherwise, even if it is simply for pure statistics, there are also many football fans who are also fans of motorcycles. And up to here everything normal, since "to taste the colors". But lately I see how some of the behaviors that occur in football and that precisely They are not the ones who make that sport great They are moving more and more frequently to the world of motorcycles and more specifically to the MotoGP World Championship.

So we meet authentic hooligans enthusiastic followers of their favorite pilot, who of course has to be of the same nationality and who do not hesitate to belittle in the best of cases or directly insult, if education is conspicuous by its absence, any other pilot or follower who does not have the same tastes and passion.

Many blame this situation on the sports press "soccer", which they criticize that is always warming up for the fans to be exalted. And of course many sports journalists are responsible for reporting both football and motorcycles, impregnating the two competitions with their style. But sincerely, I don't think that's the problemAt least in the world of motorcycles, which is the one I know the most, since I precisely consider the motorcyclist as users with their own well-defined criteria that are difficult to influence.

Fortunately, these hooligans in both sports are a minority and the normal thing is that you like soccer and motorcycles but without going to extremes, enjoying both hobbies in a normal way and of course tolerating and respecting those who do not share your same taste for your soccer team or for your favorite pilot.

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