Lightning Electric Superbike chased by a BMW S1000RR
Lightning Electric Superbike chased by a BMW S1000RR

My jaw just dropped to see how she walks Lightning Electric Superbike per circuit, because if you take a look at the video that I bring below you will see that the BMW S1000RR that pursues it to record images of the electric motorcycle has some problems following it. Although at other times the German bike makes it very clear that it is not overtaking because it is doing a job. The performance of this bike is practically on par with one of the most powerful factory Superbikes of recent times.

The BMW rider is Jake Holden, an AMA Superbike rider, at the controls of the electric motorcycle is Ted Rich and the circuit is the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center California. Those who have tried this electric motorcycle say that the acceleration is like that of a freight train, and the only weak point they find is its handling in curves. Probably because the chassis is below the performance of the engine. With all this we have one more point in favor of electric competition motorcycles.

Hit play and you will see. By the way the sound of the BMW engine I think can be recorded as an MP3 to put it on electric and have the feeling 100%.

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