Jet ski in a ditch, how to survive the dip
Jet ski in a ditch, how to survive the dip

When I saw this video I thought that the previous time we talked about a motorcycle drowned in a river dated from a long time ago, but the previous video on the subject appeared in February of this year. Anyway now that we start winter in the northern hemisphere it never hurts remember some tricks in case you go out to the field and you see yourself in such an unpleasant circumstance as your motorcycle deciding to take a bath in a ditch full of water with you on top.

The first thing is to save you, and the following is rescue the motorcycle and try to revive it to take you back home safe and sound. Of course, if you go in a rather large group, the better, because there will always be a handyman who will lend you a hand and this compensates the "friends" who, in addition to doing nothing, are dedicated to laughing at your expense. Because the video is in Dutch, but it is not necessary to understand that language to get a quick translation of what the adventure companions of the pilot say. Yamaha ttr trying to learn to swim.

Take note and remember that if you go out to the field it is always better to do it in company and notifying where you are going to be to avoid possible scares.

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