BMW R1250 GS 2013, new spy photos
BMW R1250 GS 2013, new spy photos

Back in February of this year we saw the first images of the new BMW R1250 GS. A motorcycle with which we promised ourselves very happy since they began to talk about liquid cooling in the boxer twin engine. With what we were possibly facing a new stage of an engine that was quite overwhelmed by the problems that its air-cooled mechanics has to comply with the increasingly strict Euro regulations.

But in light of these new spy photos (if anyone believes that they are stolen photos) it seems that the gentlemen of BMW have taken a small step back before starting to mess with pipes in the engine. As they comment on we could be facing an evolution instead of a revolution. Because the engine would retain the new architecture with the cylinder heads turned 90º (intake through the upper part of the cylinder and exhaust through the bottom instead of the rear intake and front exhaust that we know today. But nobody can find the promised coolant pipes and if that are seen finned in the cylinders that presuppose air cooling.

Could this be the result of at BMW they want to be sure that everything will be fine before launching such a revolutionary engine? Thinking with a cool head we could say yes, but thinking with our pockets perhaps what we are seeing is an evolution by chapters that would guarantee them to continue on the crest of the wave for a good handful of years. More than anything because the BMW customer is the one who changes motorcycles regularly, but without leaving the brand, so evolution would be the perfect weapon. First you buy the BMW R1250 GS with new cylinder heads and a new gearbox and in a couple of years you buy the evolution of that liquid-cooled engine. What does the perfect plan look like? Or is it simply that they have hidden the radiators very well and are playing games with the press?

Another part is that when we saw the first images they were talking about a 2012 model, while now they are already talking about 2013. We will continue to pay attention to what is said about this BMW.

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