Ronnie Renner and the possibilities of the GoPro HD Hero2
Ronnie Renner and the possibilities of the GoPro HD Hero2

A few days ago Albi placed a very special one at the top of her gift list and, why not say it, something expensive - although it is certainly worth it -. That little quirk was one of the most popular cameras on the market, the GoPro HD Hero2. This one, thanks to its size and its ability to be attached to almost any place safely, have catapulted it to be the favorite for all those athletes who want to capture their feats, routes or adventures in high definition. Many are the videos that we can find on the net but one of the most spectacular is, definitely, the last one starring Ronnie Renner.

With several of these units, someone with imagination, taste and a little training is able to put together some of the most spectacular clips on the net. And if we add to that the innate gifts of a pilot like this one accompanied by his friends and a wonderful natural environment, we have left some shots to leave you with your mouth open. I do not know if you had thought of acquiring one but after seeing this you will not know what excuse to make.

By the way, it is highly recommended to take a look at the compilation video that appears at the end of this one in link mode.

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