And the April Fools of 2011 were
And the April Fools of 2011 were

As most of you know, yesterday, December 28, was the Day of the Holy Innocents and as is tradition in Weblogs, all the blogs in the house posted their "innocent news" throughout the day. But of course, you readers are old dogs, and you are already waiting in front of your keyboard any news a little strange to answer: this smells like an innocent …

But be careful, because if you are more and more awake to hunt them, we try to do the same to hide them and this year 2011, of the four news published, two were true and two are innocent that the editors have spent you. Have you been able to find them?

The first innocent was spent by Luis, with the news of Piaggio as sponsor of Formula 1 for next year. Although the photo is authentic and the background of the news as well (in 1984 they gave a Vespa to the one who got the pole), unfortunately next year they will not do it. If not, Frigodedo Vettel could set up a Vespa dealer. Although we try to make it more credible with the collaboration of our F1 Motorpasión colleagues, we did not manage to fool everyone.

The second innocent was of our colleague Carlos, based on another of Vaya Tele. Luckily, neither Dennis Noyes nor Mela Wednesday will be appearing on pink-tinged shows at the moment. This color, for now, we leave it for the Moto3 category if Paris Hilton continues as a sponsor and if not, not even that.

The other two news, the motorcycle made of linen (not by Ave-lino, which is not the same) and the rumor about the participation of the Alstare team next year in the supersport category with an MV Agusta F3 are completely true. If you haven't believed either of these two … you have to make them look at it: D.

We hope that at least, during the day, The Motorpasión Moto team have made you have a fun time.

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