2011 according to Alberticu (and a nod to 2012)
2011 according to Alberticu (and a nod to 2012)

We have already reached the end of this year 2011 and it's time to take stock of everything that has happened so far both good and bad. The balance in general lines has been positive in a year marked by the economic recession that has affected the motorcycle sector in our country very closely. You only have to look at the used vehicle transfer numbers and the few new sales to realize that something has changed.

In sports our riders continue to make Spanish motorcycling great and our champions seem to avoid the happy crisis on the podium with very good work and manners, as they have been doing so far in all kinds of disciplines, speed, off road, etc. Personally my challenge this year from August was to start writing in Motorpasión Moto, quite a challenge for me.


And starting at the end I will tell you that it has been a joy to be able to write in Motorpasión Moto since I especially like the blog format, it seems very close to its readers. The way of working that is carried out in Motorpasión Moto is full-fledged press for a, until now, unfamiliar with this system like me. It is a small newsroom where everyone works and contributes to cover the news that is happening day by day.

The positive part from a newbie's point of view is that the companions will tuck you in and help you. That gives you a sense of security and that you are not alone in front of the news. You always learn from everyone and in my case I have been fortunate to have Luis Font as a supervisor in my "intern" stage for the first months with all the experience he has. I look at Morrillu and Albi with their motorcycle and product tests. Clear, concise, with touches of humor but with more sensations and fewer figures, which is what I want them to convey to me and I think we are all looking for. Know if what you want to buy really works or not.

The purity of the writing of Fausto Beneroso, the self-confidence and daring of Carlos D., the method of Esteban Viso to cover important events. As I say, I try to learn from everyone without leaving my personal style and my way of being to continue with you counting everything that happens in this year 2012. I only make one wish and that is that those of you who know me know that I also like the format a lot. audio and podcasting so I would like nothing more than to give readers a surprise in this regard for 2012.


In sports I leave as a memory this photo of the Catalan GP at the Circuit de Montmeló in 1997. Many years have passed but we still have our Carlos Checa at the top. It is not to detract from anyone but I think we do not realize how much this man has fought and what a good driver he is. For my taste it is without any doubt, of the best that has happened to us this year 2011 with its SBK championship.

The worst without a doubt it is taken by the ill-fated Italian driver Marco Simoncelli. Controversial like few others, a bit crazy and to the extreme in the melee we will never know how far he would have gone but the image of not letting go of the handlebar of his Honda while both were crawling around the track on the day of the fatal accident already speaks of the courage and bravery of this brave pilot.The World Speed ​​Championship for this 2012 promises with the CRT issue and the Moto3. We must not lose sight of the SBK World Championship and the BSB, British Superbikes.

And in another vein I think the great failure of this 2011 has been the little support for electric motorcycles that they should have already arrived and have not. At least in the sector of the citizen scooter. From my point of view, it is incomprehensible that today our cities do not have the clean electric vehicle as their benchmark in mobility. You cannot argue high manufacturing prices when from the administration does not really support and believe in this alternative.

There are almost no charging points for electric vehicles or short or medium-term projects of massive installations in this sense. Of course, streets and avenues have been built from end to end to put things like fiber optics or high-speed connections so that we have internet in our homes. Do youThe electric vehicle is not really interesting?, ¿maybe it doesn't leave a profit margin? I look forward to answers to these questions in this coming year 2012.

Ending with positive things, In spite of everything, we must recognize the efforts of the manufacturers for offering many novelties that have been seen this year at the Milan EICMA 2011 show. They have put all the meat on the grill in a time that is not exactly economic boom and that is to be appreciated. So I hope that for all of us, staff and readers, the year 2012 is at least as good in the positive as this 2011 that we have about to finish.

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