Electric scooter made of linen
Electric scooter made of linen

It also sounded like a Chinese story to me, but This ek'O Scooter of French design is made of linen, a material that seems to abound in our neighbor to the north. A revolution in the world of motorcycles that some car brands have already used for some time. If I remember correctly, some Mercedes "plastics" are made with corn fibers that provide resistance and recyclability to the pieces. In this case it has not been very clear to me if what is used are the fibers or the resin from the linen, what has been clear to me is that the design is completely new and capable of reduce the 50 parts that make up a Scooter to just 15. They also reduce the total weight by 20%

The chassis is manufactured in two parts and inside it houses the 7.4 kWh kW / h lithium batteries. The motor is integrated into the rear wheel and a uniquely designed injected plastic swingarm is also used. The declared power is 11 kW (almost 15 hp) and a torque of 85 Nm which allows reaching the 110 km / h for 100 km with a load. The batteries can be recharged in two hours (80% fast charge) or in six and a half hours with a trickle charge. The total weight of the Scooter is 173 kg, of which 75 kg belongs to the batteries.

ek O Scooter sketch

Finally, the estimated price of the motorcycle, when it reaches the market in 2013, will be about 5,000 euros, roughly the equivalent of a current upper mid-range 125 scooter. This technology seems very interesting to me, but I think they are dangerous as long as the problems of bio-diversity and food in the world are not solved.

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