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Dakar 2012 preview: less than five days to go
Dakar 2012 preview: less than five days to go

There are less than five days until the start of the 34th Edition of the Dakar 2012. This year there will be three countries that the caravan will go through during the 14 stages: Argentina, Chile and Peru. They will depart on the 1st of Mar de Plata and will arrive in Lima on the 15th after 8,391 kilometers, 4,372 of them timed. Motorcycles are precisely the ones that will travel the longest, 14 more than cars and 55 less than trucks.

The first five stages will be in Argentina, which will be crossed from East to West in search of the Andes mountain range. On the other side it will be waiting for you chili, during another five stages and a rest day, during which they will ascend parallel to the sea until they enter Peru, but first, the Atacama desert.

But the dunes did not end there. In Peruvian territory, also the desert, very similar to that of Mauritania, will put the last forces in check before the survivors reach Lima. Below you have all the detailed stages:

  • 01/01 Mar Del Plata - Santa Rosa de la Pampa
  • 02/01 Santa Rosa de la Pampa - San Rafael
  • 01/03 San Rafael - San Juan
  • 01/04 San Juan - Chilecito
  • 01/05 Chilecito - Fiambala
  • 01/06 Fiambala - Copiapo
  • 01/07 Copiapo - Copiapo
  • 01/08 Rest day
  • 01/09 Copiapo - Antofagasta
  • 01/10 Antofagasta - Iquique
  • 01/11 Iquique - Arica
  • 01/12 Arica - Arequipa
  • 01/13 Arequipa - Nasca
  • 01/14 Nasca - Pisco

01/15 Pisco - Lima

Marc Coma and Cyril Despres play it again

As long as the rest allow it because although both Marc Coma What Cyril Despres They are one step ahead of the rest of the riders, the gap is getting shorter and shorter and a possible generational change in the Dakar winner is already beginning to be seen.

For example, Portuguese Helder rodrigues, third last year and current champion of the World Rally Raids Championship, very incisive throughout the year and winner in the Rally Tunisia and Morocco.

More doubts awaken the Chilean Francisco "Chaleco" López, recovered from the injury but that the lack of activity could take its toll on the two-week race. Although it is certain that if your Aprilia allows it, you can surprise in more than one stage, especially in the navigation ones, both in the Atacama desert and in the new desert stages in Peru. Two other riders who can give war are those enrolled in Yamaha, Olivier pain and above all David casteu.

The Dakar in figures

  • 4: the number of titles in competition in the Dakar, in the categories of motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks
  • 9: the record of victories in the event, held by Stéphane Peterhansel with 6 titles in motorcycles and 3 in cars. Vladimir Chagin holds the record for victories in a single category, with seven victories in the trucking race.
  • 14: the number of days of competition for the Dakar 2012. Timed specials will be held at each stage, from January 1 to 15.
  • 27: the number of countries visited by the Dakar since its inception, with Peru being the last to join this club
  • 20, 3, 5: in years, months and days, the age of the youngest rally rider, the Argentine Lucas Bonetto, entered in the quad category
  • 50: the number of nationalities represented in the rally
  • 71, 3, 19: in years, months and days, the age of the most experienced rally driver, Francisco Claudio Regunaschi, entered in cars
  • 133: the number of French competitors registered in the race, this being the first nationality, with 18% of the total
  • 190: the number of countries in which the images of the Dakar will be broadcast through a total of 70 television stations
  • 210: the number of organization vehicles used daily in the rally (40 cars, 11 helicopters, 12 planes, 55 trucks, 5 buses, etc.)
  • 260: the number of journalists who follow the rally in its entirety, with 1,800 accredited people in the media family (technicians, consultants, casual workers, etc.)
  • 450: in cubic centimeters, the maximum authorized displacement for the engines of the motorcycles participating in the rally. The limit has been imposed for the first time on all competitors.
  • 742: the number of competitors registered in the race as drivers, co-drivers and mechanics
  • 980: the number of competitors registered as attendance
  • 1.200: as a cumulative sum, the estimated number of hours of broadcast of images of the Dakar on television networks around the world (based on the 2011 figure)
  • 1978: on December 26 of that year the starting gun of the first edition of the rally was fired, dated 1979
  • 8.373: the number of kilometers between Mar del Plata and Lima, with a total of 4,406 kilometers of special for motorcycles (and 4,191 km for cars)
  • 15.500: the number of carbon equivalent tons offset by the Dakar in the framework of the Madre de Dios anti-deforestation project, representing a total of USD 200,000
  • 302.703: the number of fans who follow the official Dakar page on Facebook when there are only a few days left until the big start
  • 510.000: in dollars, the Dakar grant allocated for four years to the Un Techo Para mi País foundation, which builds emergency shelters on the South American continent
  • 710.000: in euros, the sum dedicated to Dakar Actions projects during the last 7 years for the development of good practices in the eastern part of Senegal
  • 5 million: the number of spectators counted at the start, arrival and passage of the Dakar in 2011, in Argentina and Chile
  • 73.5 million: the number of page views on the Dakar website during the 2011 edition of the rally
  • 280 million: in dollars, the direct and indirect economic benefits of the Dakar in Argentina, calculated in a study by the Argentine government in 2011
  • 1 billion: the number of viewers who saw images of the Dakar in 2011

As in previous years, since Motorpasión Moto We will tell you what happens on the other side of the world. Stay tuned !!

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