Triumph Streetmaster, classic look, current performance
Triumph Streetmaster, classic look, current performance

Triumph has become, in its own right, one of today's vintage icons. His models marked a before and after, becoming owners of times and cultures throughout a country. Trying to collect that inheritance There are many models and preparations of different handymen and the truth is that some of them are a true work of art on wheels. Take as an example this Triumph Streetmaster that we bring you today.

Irvines say that despite the great effort of the british company to get ahead with groundbreaking models and faithful to its philosophy, the market has followed a trend that forgets the principles that drove buyers in the past. That they have lost the spirit of competition, performance and fun. That is why they wanted to create your own vision making use of the remaining Bonneville and Thruxton parts and current components.

The search for an ideal weight / power ratio is one of its great objectives. In fact, this tracker it moves with less than 135kg thanks to the 70cv which roughly delivers its 865cc engine. It is therefore about finding the perfect balance, moving away from the raw power and baroque and uncontrolled aesthetics of many of the American workshops.

Triumph Streetmaster 2

Note the tail made of carbon fiber, the suspensions or the braking system. Everything updated to make the delight of the lucky one who gets on it.

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