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Kyle Loza and his Bike Flip
Kyle Loza and his Bike Flip

The american Kyle loza He is almost certainly the freestyle rider that I like the most. His tricks always seem to me the most innovative in a discipline in which the novelty is only a little step ahead of the previous thing. However, he manages to take real giant steps and pull off simply spectacular movements from his sleeve.

The latest novelty that he is training and that he has not yet been able to successfully perform in official competition is the Bike Flip. Tried it on the Monster Energy Best Trick and although it has not come out for very little, he has made it clear that this year surely will take the jackpot at the X-Games if you can do it. But before we see it (and with it leave Luis the bar very high in the video game) let's see the review of his two previous tricks.

Kyle Loza Hight Voltage

The Hght Voltage receives several names because it is also known as “Volt” Body Varial and he performed it in the X-Games 2007. That's where I first noticed Kyle Loza. In this trick, as soon as you leave the ramp, release the bike and execute a 360º on its vertical axis to grab it again and end up landing.

These movements are very difficult because contact with the motorcycle and, above all, direct vision with it is lost. It is very easy to end up too far away and not be able to hold on again, and that should not be fun at all … Let's see:

Kyle Loza Electric Doom

The Electric doom is already, to say the least, the chicken woman. He pulled it out of his sleeve the following year, in the 14th X-Games and again he took the gold medal as Best Trick (best trick) of all those present. And that in the reception almost ended up running over everyone who was in the access tunnel.

The Electric Doom is a backflip from the pilot on the bike. If in the previous one he made a turn on the vertical axis, in this one he does it on the horizontal axis and to date, he competes at the top along with Travis Pastrana's double backflip as my favorite, which he did precisely the following year.

Kyle Loza Bike Flip

And we come to its latest news, which I found out yesterday listening to the broadcast of the Gijón Freestyle Burn Cup when Adrian Garrido, who was acting as a commentator, said that he had seen a video of Kyle loza during a training session in which the backflip was the motorbike. The cover photo was already revealing because, something was wrong, or Kyle loza or the bike is upside down than it should be.

I jumped from the couch to the computer and scanned the internet until I found the video in question and of him, the one from the October test, the Monster Energy Best Trick, in which he tried and although it did not come out by very little, he made it clear that this year he is going to be the man and the trick to beat. Enjoy the Bike Flip.

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