2011 according to L. Font (this year without future predictions)
2011 according to L. Font (this year without future predictions)

Almost a year has passed (well, a year and a few days) since I published the article in which I took stock of the year 2010, and when I reread it to write the balance of this 2011 I have realized that mine is not the predictions, because from everything I said I think the only thing that has been fulfilled has been the show that has offered us Marc Márquez in Moto2, where he has been almost until the last race with the possibility of proclaiming himself champion of the category the first year he plays in it.

Having seen what I have seen, I think I am going to dedicate myself to something else, such as fine-tuning my Vespa PX 125 T5 so that when I move back in time they take me to see things that are later fulfilled in more places than in my imagination.

Done all this "disclaimer" there goes my 2011 summary, a year to which I think I am going to give a fair pass, a 4, 8 and there is plenty of it. I say this because in races, except for Carlos Checa's ride to the World Superbike Championship, Marc Márquez's victories in Moto2, and the 125cc World Championship of my countryman Nico Terol, the year of competitions has been quite disastrous. To the poor performance of the Spanish pilots we must add a lot of circumstances external to the races, but directly related to them, they have made a dent in my interest in racing until I practically abhor them. I hope that the new 2012 season and the new categories will help me regain lost interest.

In the world of motorcycles, I believe that we have also witnessed a mediocre year despite having seen novelties such as the Ducati Diavel, a sports car dressed as a Muscle Bike that surprises locals and strangers. We have also seen the debut of the BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C650 GT which I am sure will soon be the reference in their sector. But other renowned brands, despite having put a few novelties on the market, I think they have left us as indifferent as if they had not made the effort that they really did.

At Motorpasión Moto team We have seen the brilliant fast lap of Miki Viñola, with a brief but intense collaboration and the arrival of Alberticu, who day by day shows us that the bet when signing him was more successful than anyone in the newsroom could imagine. The other companions they have been making it more difficult for me day by day, but don't get it wrong, since they have been making it difficult because the level has risen so much that now to publish anything you have to spend a good handful of hours. Work that is not always rewarded by some who do not understand that At Motorpasión Moto we try to do our best but it is not easy. Fortunately, that minority, despite being noisy, is no more than a noisy and annoying minority.

As I said at the beginning, my thing is not the prognoses, not even in the very short term. That is why I do not know how long this current situation will last, but I do know that as long as one of you is still there clicking the mouse and reading what we publish, on this side we will continue to do our best so that that reader is happy, informed up to date of the news and entertaining with what we have at Motorpasión Moto.

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