Dimitri Coste at Catalina's GP, back to the past
Dimitri Coste at Catalina's GP, back to the past

Dimitri Coste, do you remember his name? Maybe it costs a bit, it's been a while since it came out on this, our beloved blog. Dimitri is, apart from a talented photographer, passionate about the world of two wheels, the cafe racer culture and the vintage environment of some of its many variants. That said, it is worth remembering that first time we saw him in action on the streets of Paris. Following the same thread we get to Coste's adventure at Catalina's GP, the race of time travel.

We have also mentioned this race at some time, in fact it was the scene where a Yamaha with three decades on top was revived and tuned up thanks to the hands of Jamie Robinson. On this occasion Dimitri attends with his 1969 Triumph to not only show off in terms of aesthetics but to show that he also knows what to do when he gets on his saddle.

As some journalist said when he saw him; one of the best drivers ever to attend and certainly the best dressed.

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