Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira are chosen by Alzamora for Moto3
Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira are chosen by Alzamora for Moto3

Well, I'm still doing my thing here, very aware of the signings that are going to be part of the grid of the new category of Moto3. And we finally meet the two drivers chosen by one of the teams who will undoubtedly be the leaders. We are talking about the team whose boss is Emilio alzamora and whose patronage they will share Repsol, Catalunya Caixa and Galicia Star 0, 0. The chosen ones in question are none other than Alex Rins and Miguel Oliveira, which seems to me a more than correct decision.

Rins is the 125 GP champion of this 2011 in the CEV Buckler, where at sixteen he has shown a lot of coldness and determination, while Portuguese Oliveira, after passing through the 125cc World Championship (which did not end very well with Team Machado), had the opportunity to test the Honda NSF250R Moto3 in the last two CEV tests with the team Monlau Competition And do you remember the result? Yes, he took the two street victories. I was able to see it at the Jerez race and I assure you that that Honda is not bad at all. Come on, the two have plenty of reasons to be part of this Moto3 grid.

But this is not all, since the third rider who entered the pools to be in this team, which is none other than the CEV runner-up and Marc's brother, Alex Marquez, will also make his Moto3 World Championship debut. Although yes, only in some races as a wild card. He will combine these performances with those of the CEV in Moto3, where he will try not to miss the championship.

For its part, Repsol thus closes a sponsorship that will cover the three categories and with great chances of a title in each of them. Rins and Oliveira in Moto3, Marc Márquez in Moto2 and Casey stoner and Dani pedrosa in MotoGP. Of course, and in the times that run with the well-known crisis, it is to be appreciated that some brands continue to bet heavily on the Motorcycle World Championship.

In short, the unknown Moto3 category continues to grow and fill with potential winners. I repeat that I am looking forward to seeing how it works, and I hope it doesn't change the spectacularity and equality that we were used to in 125. And as for the news that concerns us, I have to admit that both Rins and Oliveira seem like a great bet that will surely give us great moments in 2012. For now, both have shown this year at the CEV that they are worth, and a lot.

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