Carlos Checa's winter test
Carlos Checa's winter test

In winter, many teams take advantage of the climate of the peninsula and its fantastic facilities to continue developing their projects in competition. One more case would be Ducati and the Althea team with Carlos Checa in the lead. However, those from Bologna have surprised us by uploading to their YouTube channel the video with which they summarize these special trainings to which the Catalan pilot has been subjected on vacation.

There in Barcelona Carlos has gotten on a Ducati that is somewhat different from the one he usually takes on the circuits of half the world. Clad in his racing suit but on a comfortable and ergonomic seat, a tall and wide handlebar and a screen that has made the task more bearable. That is to say, Czech left the 1098R of Superbikes to adapt to riding a Ducati Multistrada 1200 full of extras. Of all of them we could highlight the suitcases, essential to carry out the mission.

Merry Christmas to our Superbike World Champion!

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