Valentino Rossi wants the CRT, Dani Pedrosa too, but far
Valentino Rossi wants the CRT, Dani Pedrosa too, but far

This is more or less the conclusions that we can draw from the statements both of Valentino rossi made before yesterday during the digital meeting carried out by Dainese and those of Dani pedrosa published last week by Diario Sport. To the Italian rider the new CRT category seems like a good idea but the Spanish rider does not want to see them even in paint.

Valentino rossi understand that CRT are the only option to expand the grill and have more motorcycles during races, especially in times when there is a need to tighten the belt, like the current one. Not so much budget is spent on equipment anymore and factories don't spend so much money on research. In addition, it is increasingly difficult for the deprived teams to find sponsors who are able to help them defray the enormous rental costs imposed by the factories to have a MotoGP during the season.

However, for Dani pedrosa, the idea of ​​sharing the grill with the CRT does not seem so good and even dangerous. For him, the whole set is inferior, or worse in a word, both technologically and in terms of driver experience, with the exception of Colin Edwards and Randy de Puniet. At the moment and except for the improvement of the times, these are quite far away and as Dani said, two seconds in practice becomes three in the race and at the moment, these bikes are not even two seconds away and also, it is not known if they will be able to maintain the rhythm during all the laps.

I am not a pilot, nor do I stake my life like them on the circuit but I think Dani Pedrosa's statements are too pessimistic. This year, for example, in the Japan race, Shinichi Ito's fastest lap was more than three and a half seconds slower than Dani Pedrosa's and yet no real danger was seen on the track. What's more, he did not double it in the race so he did not even find it on the track.

And it is clear that if the circuit is shorter, the differences will also be reduced proportionally and as the motorcycle, rider and even tires evolve together, times will improve. We have all seen how Moto2 have already run faster than 250cc, something unthinkable last year.

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