The Marco Simoncelli Foundation starts
The Marco Simoncelli Foundation starts

The Marco Simoncelli Foundation to help sick children is already a reality. All the bureaucratic procedures have been resolved and it is already legally constituted. Marco's mother, Rosella, will serve as President while her sister Angela and Arnaldo Cappellini will be on the board of directors, assisted by Carlo Pernat and Paolo Beltrano.

Paolo simoncelli comments that they are ready to work, and they show it with the "Buon Compleanno Sic", which will be held on January 20 (the same day that Marco would turn 25) at the 105 Stadium in Rimini and in which some comedians from Zelig directed by Aldo Drudi and Sergio Sgrilli will be present. They are also preparing an exhibition in the Coriano Town Hall dedicated to Marco and managed directly by the Foundation, called Onlus "Marco Simoncelli Fondazione".

As Paolo explained, the premise of Onlus is to help those who are in a worse situation and who, although they still do not know exactly how the resources will be distributed, will do so with the criteria of a good parent, working in simple and tangible projects. For now, the Gazzetta dello Sport has donated 250,000 euros to the Foundation, from the proceeds of the book 'Ciao Sic' and the future DVD 'Supersic, Ciao campione'.

It is already possible to do Foundation partner for a fee of 30 euros per year, which does not imply the obligation to renew annually and whose benefits will be announced on January 20 itself. In addition, they have put on sale a calendar for the year 2012 whose price is 24.90 euros.

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